Monday, September 23, 2013

Photos :: 365 (September 16 - 22)

259/365 :: My fancy new wrap for wearing Milo.
260/365 :: Have I ever mentioned my love for blind box toys? I especially love the South Park ones. I'm missing my two favourites though, Stan & Butters.
261/365 :: Milo looks exactly like baby Ivan here.
262/365 :: I went over to my Dad's with three bags full of grapes from our backyard and came home with 10 litres of grape juice. It is a little clumpy but very delicious.
263/365 :: Ay yi yi.
264/365 :: Milo has been doing a bunch of grumpy talking lately and it is really cute.
265/365 :: My mom came over Sunday morning and we spent some time playing with Milo in his room. He was pretty grouchy yesterday but his Grama did a great job cheering him up!

Only 100 photos to do! Kind of unbelievable that there are only 100 days left in this year.

Milo turned three months old on Saturday and I snapped a few photos of him next to his carrot that I will share probably tomorrow.

We had a pretty chilled out weekend. Ivan brewed some beer, I watched some TV, entertained a cranky baby and even managed to take some outfit photos. Outfit posts are some of my favourite things and I have been really bummed out that I haven't managed to take many lately. I really need to set aside time to do them more often.

Did everyone have a good weekend?



  1. Awh such lovely photos as always. Loving Milo's grumpy face <3
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. OMG elycia, he is soooo sweet! LOVE love these photo's and so happy for you guys! looks like you are rocking motherhood like no other!


  3. OMG that adorable ay yi yi face! TOO MUCH!

  4. Awww... whatta cutie!

    - April

  5. Hahaha, that ay yi yi one totally cracked me up out loud! Your kid, seriously... ;)

  6. OMG Milo is so darn cuuuuuute. I love how he's looking more and more grown up and not so much like 'just a baby' ya know? His personality is starting to shine through...he definitely looks like Ivan but I can see you in there as well :)

  7. So so cute!
    We collect those blind boxes too, we have The Simpsons collection though :)


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