Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby :: 3 Months Old

 photo milo_zpsd8cdcbc0.png
 photo miiilo_zpsc24de72b.png
 photo miilo_zps93a1a5e7.png
 photo milocarrot_zps0f94b653.png
 photo milo3months_zps379820d5.png
 photo 123months_zps041b6a82.png
It's crazy how much more interested in the world Milo looks in these three month photos. It is harder to catch him not moving now and I'm sure it will just get more difficult as he gets more mobile. He smiles so much now and has conversations with us. Well, baby conversations with those adorable little baby noises. 

I'm typing this Monday night and Milo has a bit of a stuffy nose that I'm hoping doesn't turn into a cold. We will see I guess! He has also been really drooly so maybe it's teething related. I have read conflicting things about runny noses and teehing being related. 

I know you want to hear more about Milo's runny nose and possible teething but it will have to wait because he needs some snuggles before bed.

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