Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore :: Basics

 photo outfit_zpsa7aba28f.png
 photo heartpatches_zps79626a8c.png
 photo tigerliliesskirt_zps2d0dc7eb.png
 photo saddleshoes_zpsb8e135a1.png
 photo bonlookglasses_zps4d70bf2a.png
:: head to toe ::
glasses :: c/o BonLook
sweater :: c/o OASAP
skirt :: c/o ModCloth
belt :: thrifted
shoes :: c/o ModCloth

Ok, I know I shouldn't point out everything that is wrong with these photos but holy smokes, I don't know why my boobs look so lopsided. Probalby nursing related. Yeah, let's blame that. The other problem is my wrinkly skirt! I did in fact steam it and thought it looked ok but I guess I wasn't wearing my glasses because...wrinkles. Despite the wrinkles, this has quickly become my absolute favourite skirt. It is so easy to slip on and it has pockets!

All right, I think that covers everything. Oh wait, I just remembered that my skirt has dried baby pee on it. I really didn't need to tell you that one.

On a different note, I am having some weird feelings about blogging lately. I still love it but for the first time I'm really struggling with what I want to post about. I haven't been making time to craft anyting lately and my life at the moment pretty much revolves around Milo and getting out of the house to socialize with other Moms to keep myself feeling connected to the world. I have always posted about what I'm doing and what I'm interested in so I want to stay true to that but at the same time I'm sure you guys don't want all babies all the time. I do plan on talking a bit about cloth diapering and babywearing (new interests) but again I know that non-moms will likely not care. I know that I will find a balance but I think it will just take a bit of time to settle in to.

I didn't really plan to mention (I actually never thought I would mention something like that on my blog) but I needed to say something because I'm sure you have noticed my sporadic posting. I'm the type of person who needs to tell you that I might have spit on you while I was talking because I don't want you wondering if I know that I spit on you. Of course I mean that accidental spitting that sometimes happens...I don't go around spitting on people. Whatever, I'm getting way off topic.

I think I kind of forgot that this was an outfit post. Look I'm wearing clothes!


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