Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo an Hour :: September 30, 2013

It seems that everyday that I decide to do a photo an hour we sleep in. Before this day Milo and I had been getting up between 7 and 8. Lately 9 or 10 is more the usual. One thing that I've learned when it comes to babies, the usual is always changing. Here is our day.

10 am :: Sleepy baby stretches.
 photo 10am_zpsa582d2e9.png
11 am :: Watching a little Breaking Bad (I'm way behind, no spoilers) while Milo snoozes some more.
 photo 11am_zps5a7c53d9.png
12 pm :: Playtime. We got this moose as a gift and it is my favourite of Milo's toys. It seems to be his favourite too. He is always smiling and laughing at it.
 photo 12pm_zps560660af.png
1 pm :: Milo took a little nap so I decided to sneak in my exercise. He ended up waking up almost right away but he watched me happily for at least 15 minutes.
 photo 1pm_zps7be7dcd4.png
2 pm :: Oh Farva.
 photo 2pm_zps6af3237e.png
3 pm :: Taking a quick 5 minute breather.
 photo 3pm_zps3789aee4.png
4 pm :: I made a makeshift eggplant parmesan for dinner.
 photo 4pm_zpsd5efc3d2.png
5 pm :: I have a beautiful woven wrap but I still love the Moby for getting things done around the house. (No they didn't send me one for free and this is not sponsored...I just love it!)
 photo 5pm_zps9c55a939.png
6 pm :: Some more moose playtime. Actually we were singing songs, the moose was just there for company.
 photo 6pm_zps6aa08990.png

I think that this was my most boring day ever to do a photo an hour. I really don't mind though. I want to remember what my life was like at this point. I want to remember the sleepy stretches and the hours of baby playtime. I want to remember these uneventful days spent at home with my little guy because I have been told that he won't be this little forever...who knew?

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.



  1. I think that this was a perfectly perfect day to capture the hours of!!

  2. Good afternoon! I just got a Moby Wrap for my six week old and have tried it three times. I love the idea of it, but he keeps sliding down instead of staying up high on my chest. Have you had any issues with that? Also, will you be doing more on babywearing? I really love all the baby-related posts lately, since I'm a new mom myself. Love your blog!

    1. Hi! I do plan on posting a bit about babywearing. I pre-tie my Moby and then slide Milo in. One thing that I find prevents him from sinking is tying it tighter than I think I need to. It usually works perfectly!

  3. these photos made me smile, Milo is a cutie :) btw your hair is fabulous!


  4. Girl, you are wayyyyyy behind on Breaking Bad. All I can say is that the end of the entire series is totally worth it.

  5. Beautiful photos as always. And you will LOVE Breaking Bad ;)

  6. This was such a lovely post to read - I am expecting my (first) baby boy in five weeks. As I can't even begin to imagine what my future is going to look like in five weeks time, let alone another three months after that, I am slightly addicted to posts about your life with your new baby boy. Thank you :) x

  7. I love seeing other babies around the same age as mine. Yours is totally adorable! what a contrast though, seeing a cute little baby like Mlio, and then Breaking Bad! well, I guess you gotta mix it up for some fun in life... <3

  8. What a little sweetie bebe you have!


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