Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review :: Projecteo

 photo projecteoreview_zps6bc2d9b3.png
A while back I was sent a Projecteo to check out. Of course I filled it with baby Milo photos. This thing is seriously tiny and adorable but has nice sharp images when you project them onto the wall. Milo actually really enjoys looking at the images. Probably just because it is something glowing in the dark but whatever.

This little projector is really fun and would be a neat way to remember a special event or it would also be really cool to get holiday photos from the last however many years and put them onto a slide. I made this video to show you how all the photos. They are actually more clear than they appear in the video.
The song is 192 days by Eisley.



  1. Aww how fun! Your son is so cute.

  2. How neat! I like the idea of doing Holiday photos. It kind of makes me think of the scene in Big Fish where the professor changes the picture slides, and one pops up saying "I <3 Sandra Templeton" or something of that sort. I like it!

    xo Jackie


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