Friday, October 25, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. I am in love with baby legwarmers and this pair is really awesome.
A few people asked about Milo's in my post the other day. They are Baby Legs and they are awesome. Changing his diaper is much more convenient than with pants. These inspired me to actually knit him some leg warmers for winter to go on top of his pants when we are out in the cold in a wrap.

4. These coats are so nice!
Mad About Madison Coat from ModCloth
Scooter or Later Coat in Olive from ModCloth
Diagonal Alley Coat from ModCloth

ModCloth is having a sale on coats with the code BRRR25 for 25% off. It ends tonight so be sore to check it out before then if you are interested!

3. This hat!!

2. I really wish I was a good painter.

1. Coolest thing.

I can'i iype much because I'm using one hand, have a baby on me, am not wearing my glasses and can't see what I'm typing unless I pick up my computer and hold it up to my face.  I think my eyesight is getting worse. Anywaays, happy Friday!


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  1. Want want WANT that Instagram camera!!! AHHH!!!

  2. I was soooo tempted by the outerwear sale at Modcloth because you can never have too many coats, but sadly I don't have any funds for cute coats right now. That hat is too perfect. :)

  3. A real Instagram camera??!?!?! Holy crap! I was reading on the website that it will be coming out in early 2014. I am totally going to save up for one! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. I love the "Mad About Madison Coat from ModCloth" its so lovely! I also really like the instagram camera but i'm sure a lot of people do! its the in thing right now :P

    Lisa (<visit me!)


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