Monday, October 28, 2013

Photos :: 365 (October 21 - 27)

294/365 :: Milo has pretty nice eyes if I do say so myself.
295/365 :: Babywearing.
296/365 :: Must eat blanket.
297/365 :: Some baby toys are really pretty.
298/365 :: The sun was shining in through the screen and I thought it looked pretty. And maybe we need to clean our screen.
299/365 :: Milo's Halloween costume for a party we went to. You will never guess what he was so I'll just tell you. He was the giant from Twin Peaks. The giant may not have had bears on his bow tie though.
300/365 :: Farva and Pinny either love each other or hate each other. There isn't really a middle ground. Actually I think it's that Pinny always loves Farva and sometimes he will tolerate her.

Man is it getting cold out around here! I can't believe how quickly the summer went by or the fact that Christmas is less than two months away.  Seriously, where is time disappearing to?

Did everyone have a good weekend?



  1. Cutey photos of Milo, as ever! Loving his costume.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. My cats are the same way! They are brother and sister- from the same litter. The rivalry kills me!

  3. Milo is such a cutie! That cat picture makes my day--so precious!

  4. I think Milo is looking more and more like you! Twin Peaks is the best!

  5. I LOVE Milo's costume!! Christmas being less than 2 months away is blowing my mind (especially since my birthday is the Christmas eve. Ahh!) !!

  6. I love seeing photos of Milo <3 He is such a cute baby!
    Chamomile Dealer

  7. He. Is. Adorable. That tie!!!

  8. Awwww cute pics. For Halloween, we wanted to go as the Addams Family (from Addams Family Values... you know, the one with the mustachioed baby) but I don't think that'll happen. Oh well.

  9. Love the costume :) And that blanket. I know you post it a lot and everytime you do I gawk at how beautiful it is. did you make it yourself?


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