Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review :: Vegan Desserts in Jars

A while back I was asked if I was interested in receiving a copy of Vegan Desserts in Jars: Adorably Delicious Pies, Cakes, Puddings, and Much More by Kris Holechek Peters and I was immediately really excited. When I received my copy in the mail I got even more excited about the book because everything in it looked delicious and I couldn't wait to try some recipes. 

I couldn't find the right size jars (because canning season had just ended and they aren't everywhere anymore) so I haven't tried any of the baked recipes because I wasn't sure how the different size and shape of the jars I had would affect the recipes. Here are the four no bake recipes I have tried so far and what I thought of them.

Peanut Butter Cream Cups
These were really easy to make and really yummy because you can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. There were a few things that I noted about this recipe. It is not overly sweet and I am not usually one to think that something needs to be sweeter (unless it's icing, I like my icing super sweet). I found that the chocolate mixture turned out grainy but that is probably something weird that I did or something weird about the chocolate. One thing that the photo shows is that if you want to be able to see the two layers you should let the chocolate layer harden a bit in the fridge before you put the peanut butter mixture on top. I doesn't say to do that in the recipe but you can see what happened to me when I didn't. And finally, this really did taste 100x better chilled so don't bother eating it before it spends at least 30 minutes in the fridge.

Raw Pecan Pie
I cheated for the Raw Pecan Pie one and didn't use jars because the shape of the jars I have didn't lend itself well to this recipe. Doesn't really matter, the jars just make it extra cute. This is another one that needs to be chilled to taste the best. After spending the night in the fridge they were even better than they were the day before. This dessert is really rich and super filling. Actually, it is another one that isn't super sweet and I actually ate it for breakfast one day. I am craving this one right now! One last thing to note is that I found that the recipe made more filling than it did crust. It may just be because I didn't use the recommended sized jars but I had quite a bit of filling left over.

Grasshopper Pies
The grasshopper pie was another one that I found made more filling than crust so I ended up crushing up extra sandwich cookies to make more crust. I highly recommend making these at least 24 hours before you plan on serving them even though the recipe says only 2 hours in the fridge are needed. When I tried them after about 4 hours I found they tasted too much like cream cheese. Minty cream cheese. Bleh. Once they had been in the fridge for about 24 hours though they were delicious. This was Ivan's favourite recipe from this book so far.

Pumpkin Creme Brulee
This was by far my favourite recipe that I have tried from this book so far. I didn't actually brulee it, I opted for the other option of topping it with coconut whipped cream and I am so glad I did. The whipped cream was such a perfect addition to the pumpkin custard it was ridiculous. I would like to make this one again soon because it was so yummy.

As you can probably tell I am a big fan of Vegan Desserts in Jars and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to try some of the baked recipes. These cute little jars would be perfect for a small party.  In addition to desserts this book also has some jam recipes and a really yummy looking recipe for apple butter. I think I may eventually make almost everything in here!

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday. I feel like I want to do an update on our baby situation over here and see if anyone else had dealt with some of the same things that we are going through right now. Nothing too terrible is happening, just some car seat hate and other miscellaneous things. I'll talk to you guys about that stuff soon!


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  1. These all look delicious! Grasshopper pie sounds wonderful I need to get my hands on this book and that recipe!

  2. What a cute and yummy idea! Love it.

  3. Aww... I like my desserts to taste and look good, so this definitely makes the cute! I'll have to try it out.


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