Friday, November 15, 2013

5 Fave Friday

5. I can't resist the sparkle on these frames from BonLook.
Selfie from

4. I got an email about these really neat feeding ideas for cats.
It plays on their natural instincts and sounds pretty neat and also fun to watch! Some of these would probably be good for piggy Pinny to try out.

3. Oh if only I was currently wearing dresses.
Record Store Dress from ModCloth

2. I looooove these spoon fork things from Tumbleweeds. Best thing ever.
1. These are the prettiest push pins.
Ideas Take Flight Push Pin Set from ModCloth

Whoa, I finally got my act together for a 5 Fave Friday post. Now if I can get back on my outfit post game everything would be good. I just got a cute sweater that I want to show off so I will have to try really hard to take some photos this weekend. Oh and I need to respond to emails, update my info page and finally figure out what I'm doing with sponsoring. Yikes.

I am definitely happy that it's almost the weekend. We don't have anything big planned for this weekend so I'm looking forward to chilling out. Have a good one!!


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  1. Lovely picks. Those glasses are so gorgeous! x

  2. Thanks for the cat puzzle feeder link! I definitely want to try making the reach feeder box! Our foster cat really likes scooping food. :)

  3. The Record Store Dress was in my wishlist for only 2 days before my size had completely run out! I like to dream about the clothing items a bit before buying them, but clearly I wasn't given the opportunity this time! ;P


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