Monday, November 18, 2013

Photos :: 365 (November 11 - 17)

315/365 :: Stripes on stripes and a cute little face.
316/365 :: I have already finished this book and I am so excited about baby-led weaning. It will be at least another month before Milo starts food but I really want to use this approach. Have any of you gone this direction?
317/365 :: The boots have come out.
318/365 :: Milo playing with his Grandpa. Milo seemed really excited to see my Dad for the first time today and they had a nice time playing and snuggling. I'm not saying that this was the first time Milo saw my Dad, just that it was the first time he seemed really excited about it. It was nice.
319/365 :: What a cute little stinker.
320/365 :: Cooooouuuch. C...O...R, uh, are you going to the mall today?
321/365 :: Mr. Big Boy sat in a high chair for the first time today. It's pretty unbelievable how big he is.

We had a nice weekend over here. The weather was beautiful! Although, as I'm typing this (Sunday night) I can hear that it is really windy and rainy out. That's ok though, it was great out during the day.

Today is my Dad's birthday and I'm excited to spend some time with him. I tried making a layer cake (I still need to assemble it so we will see how that goes) and I think it is going to be delicious.

I hope you all have a good Monday.

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