Monday, November 18, 2013

Photos :: 365 (November 11 - 17)

315/365 :: Stripes on stripes and a cute little face.
316/365 :: I have already finished this book and I am so excited about baby-led weaning. It will be at least another month before Milo starts food but I really want to use this approach. Have any of you gone this direction?
317/365 :: The boots have come out.
318/365 :: Milo playing with his Grandpa. Milo seemed really excited to see my Dad for the first time today and they had a nice time playing and snuggling. I'm not saying that this was the first time Milo saw my Dad, just that it was the first time he seemed really excited about it. It was nice.
319/365 :: What a cute little stinker.
320/365 :: Cooooouuuch. C...O...R, uh, are you going to the mall today?
321/365 :: Mr. Big Boy sat in a high chair for the first time today. It's pretty unbelievable how big he is.

We had a nice weekend over here. The weather was beautiful! Although, as I'm typing this (Sunday night) I can hear that it is really windy and rainy out. That's ok though, it was great out during the day.

Today is my Dad's birthday and I'm excited to spend some time with him. I tried making a layer cake (I still need to assemble it so we will see how that goes) and I think it is going to be delicious.

I hope you all have a good Monday.



  1. I am interested in the book you are reading about baby led weaning. I did this with my youngest two daughters, although I didn't know it was called that. Baby food is so expensive and my girls were more interested in nursing I just didn't bother. They both started eating solids around 9 months and it was food we were already eating. Mashed potatoes, chicken, beans, etc. They are both great eaters now and love to try new foods.

  2. The picture of your laptop on the couch is my favorite from this bunch, I have no idea why - perhaps the colors.

    I am very interested in baby-led weaning when my little tater tot gets old enough. I will have to check out that book!

  3. I just adore that picture of Milo with his grandad. There's a gorgeous contrast between your dad's hands and Milo's tiny ones.

  4. I've done both BLW and the traditional purees, soft food, etc route.
    The only difference I have noticed is that BLW is really really REALLY easy. I do it from sheer laziness and it has worked wonderfully for our 10 month old.
    Otherwise I haven't noticed a difference between what my toddler eats (or how he eats... not less confidently) and how my baby eats. I just know that handing a 10 month old a whole apple and watching him go to town is really fun and way easier than mashed bananas!

  5. I read, and she is using the baby led weaning meathod. It's fun to hear about. :)

  6. Hey those boots are almost more atractive in the inside! cute little Milo. I just love seeing your baby change <3 adorable!

  7. I am currently BLW with my daughter (7.5 mo) and it seems to be working out pretty well! I occasionally (if we're going over to family's house) feed her before and pack her some pureed food like homemade apple sauce or avocado and feed it to her there or let family feed her. She's exclusively breastfed, otherwise. She only really gets "food" once or twice a week, since it seems to upset her tummy if I do anymore than that.

  8. We did BLW with our little guy, and loved it. So, so much easier! We just fed him pretty much whatever we were eating, which also meant he could join in our meals a lot earlier, which he really liked. :-) (It does get rather messy though, as they explore food, so be prepared for lots of cleaning up after each meal/snack.....)

  9. Love the photo with your dad's hands - it made me so happy when my son started recognise his grandparents, as opposed to treating them like random people! I did BLW with my son and loved it. It's so much easier and cheaper - don't know about in the States, but in the UK baby food is extortionate. And don't get disheartened if it seems like he is slow to start. I was surrounded by people doing purees and it looked like their babies were eating loads. I lost confidence and felt like a crazy hippy, but by 11 months my kid had picked it back up and would eat anything, while their kids were still on mush. Definitely doing BLW again with my 2nd!

  10. that's an awesome high chair!

    1. Thanks, I got it from this really cool girl I know. ;)

  11. No I am not going to the mall, keep spelling mister!
    Heh heh.
    Milo is so so cute!!


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