Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photo an Hour :: November 2013

I mentioned already that Ivan went to Ohio for work a few weeks ago and that Milo and I joined him. I also mentioned that Kaylah made the (kind of long) drive across Ohio to see us and I couldn't have been happier. It was really awesome to spend the day together and I can't wait to see my best girl again sooner rather than later. Here is an hour by hour shot of our day.

8 am :: We were up bright and early before 7 but photos didn't start until I snapped this one of Ivan sending an email with Milo assisting him.
 photo 8am_zpsf92f5a62.png
9 am :: I wish the 9:00 photo was one of me hopping and skipping to meet Kaylah in the parking lot. I was so excited!! This shot of her taking a photo of Milo is pretty sweet though.
 photo 9am_zpsb905cf03.png
10 am :: We drove about half an hour to an outlet mall that we thought would have a photo booth. It didn't and it was really sketchy looking and pretty empty so we basically just stopped to feed Milo and then turned around and headed back to the hotel. There was practically nothing to do in the area we were in. Kaylah typed in "shopping mall" and Wendy's came up.
 photo 10am_zps0cc234f1.png
11 am :: We did see this building telling us to "Eat Cigarettes" and we had to turn around to get a photo of it.
 photo 11am_zps84cb80ca.png
12 pm :: I love this.
 photo 12pm_zps64063a1b.png
1 pm :: The view from our hotel room. Seriously, we were surrounded by fields.
 photo 1pm_zps63c01bad.png
2 pm :: Baby bed head.
 photo 2pm_zpsd5f74515.png
3 pm :: Baby photo shoot.
 photo 3pm_zps49ccde68.png
4 pm :: Kaylah headed back home and Milo and I were just left to hang with blankets and sweatshirts.
 photo 4pm_zpsb2bd2303.png
5 pm :: The lamp reflection looked really neat. So I took a photo.
 photo 5pm_zps67dfcf0a.png
6 pm :: Baby play time. Concentrating very hard.
 photo 6pm_zps58886cd7.png
7 pm :: I recently watched all of Raising Hope and it is realllly cute and funny. Now I'm watching My Name is Earl in my spare time because it is by the same creator (right?) and has a bunch of the same characters. I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy both shows.
 photo 7pm_zps89a5916b.png
8 pm :: Hotel room doors always look kind of creepy. Milo and I were totally in bed for the night at around this time. Actually, I think he had already been sleeping for at least an hour at this point. Daylight savings did a number on my baby.
 photo 8pm_zps3a315fc4.png

Kaylah did a photo an hour too so make sure you pop over to her blog and check out the photos. We took some similar photos right on the border of a few hours so I might have them as one hour and Kaylah might have them as another hour. Just put it down to the fact that our cameras, phones, hotel clocks all read different times. I am so excited so see Kaylah's photos!!



  1. I was hoping to see the "Eat cigarettes" photo! Haha

  2. Ohmygosh, he's a cutie! His lil expression in the 3pm photo stole my heart... :) The mister and I just consumed the rest of Raising Hope and he convinced me to come around to Earl, too - so funny! We finished it and there's a missing spot in our lives, now. lol. I never thought I would say that...

  3. Milo is so cute! Hope you guys are doing great!

  4. Cute baby! And the quality of the photos, perfect! I like it. More posts, please.

  5. "7 pm :: I recently watched all of Raising Hope and it is realllly cute and funny. Now I'm watching My Name is Earl in my spare time because it is by the same creator (right?) and has a bunch of the same characters."

    Correct du-mundo!


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