Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photos :: 365 (December 16 - 22)

350/365 :: Milo's first encounter with a banana. He enjoys them a lot more now.
351/365 :: Milo looks like a kid here instead of a baby!
352/365 :: Sock eater.
353/365 :: My mom got us a Beco carrier for Christmas. Ivan and Milo love it!
354/365 :: Sometimes you are cleaning another room in the house and your living room is a disaster so you take a photo of the only nice looking thing in the room, the Christmas tree topper.
355/365 :: I was taking Milo's 6 month photos and Farva decided to join in.
356/365 :: We had a crazy ice storm and everything was covered in ice. It looked so pretty but I didn't end up getting a photo. We were hosting a small holiday party for one of our groups of friends and we were busy cleaning and getting ready all morning. The power actually ended up going out while people were over but we just lit a ton of candles and carried on. All of this has nothing to do with this photo except that this is how I fancied up our cutlery holders for the party.

Well, hi there. I hope everyone had a great holiday and that you are all planning on enjoying your last day of 2013! We are headed to a murder mystery party tonight and I am so excited. I might miss on out on a good chunk of it because I will probably have to head to bed with Milo before the party is over but I have always wanted to participate in a murder mystery so I'm pumped!

I will be posting the rest of my 2013 365 Project tomorrow and I totally can't believe I finished it!! More on the project tomorrow and my plans for 2014.

Have a fantastic new years eve and I will talk to you next year!


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  1. I've been following your 365 for over six months now and I love seeing the progression over the course of the year. This was a wonderful project and I'm so glad you accomplished it :] Congrats!


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