Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Photos :: 365 (December 23 - 31)

357/365 :: My mom's tree. She has tons of 'Here Comes Santa Claus' decorations. I used to love taking them out of the box at Christmas time and seeing what year each one was from.
358/365 :: A beautiful ornament for Milo from one of my friends.
359/365 :: Milo's first Christmas! I like his, "what the heck is going on here" face.
360/365 :: Ivan and I have been juicing a lot lately. This carrot apple juice is my favourite.
361/365 :: After a long day in the car on the way to Ohio we were treated to a beautiful sunset.
362/365 :: Leaf is the sweetest kitty ever. He looooooved Milo.
363/365 :: The colour in this photo is pretty awful...but look how cute!!
364/365 :: A bit of snow on our way back home. We had a great visit with our friends and we miss them already!
365/365 :: I did it!!
Happy New Year!! I am sneaking in quickly while cleaning the house to bring you the final installment of my 2013 365 Project. I really loved doing this project and I think the thing that made it most enjoyable was the no-pressure approach I took to the quality of the photos. In the past I had the idea that every photo needed to be something special but with this photo a day I really just wanted to capture a simple snapshot of each day of 2013.

I am continuing my photo a day project into 2014 with one little change. On the first day of the month I want to take a photo of something that says the name of that month. Pretty simple, I think I can remember that. I like the idea of having little markers throughout and I'm excited to use some of my month glasses as photos!

Are any of you planning any special projects for 2014? I have a few more simple things that I'm thinking of doing but I'll think about it and tell you more later. I hope you all had a safe and happy new year. Thank you for sticking around with me over here; I am looking forward to getting in a bit more blogging in 2014!



  1. Congratulations on completing it! I've decided to attempt a 365 project this year!


  2. YAY! Well done girl! You have totally inspired me to take up my own 365 project, and I am excited that it's started today. Happy New Year :) X

  3. Happy New Year Elycia! I'm hoping to do a granny square a day in 2014. There's a challenge on instagram :)

    1. Happy New Year to you too Alycia! Oh that sounds awesome! I should try to do at least a granny square a week so I can maybe one day finish the huge blanket I started a long time ago.

  4. Happy New Year!
    I've just decided to to a 365 project myself inspired my your awesome blog. :)

  5. Congrats on the project, I loved looking through it! I'm starting a 365 project this year, it will be my 2nd one. Let's hope I can stick with it, haha!

    Happy New Year, girl!


  6. I've always loved your photo a day project and admired you for sticking with it! I'm going to try to do a 365 second video project, 1 second of video every day. Fingers crossed!

  7. I've decided to do a 365 photo project this year. As it is, my blog ( is mainly photos, but since getting a job in October, I haven't had much time to go out and shoot for hours at a time. I'm hoping this project will help encourage me to take one or two pictures a day to still get my photo fix in.

  8. Your photo is last photo was a great way to end your project! I've enjoyed seeing your photo project. And, you actually were part of the inspiration for me to start my own 365 photo project on my blog!

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. Hurrah! I'm so proud of you for finishing! It was really cool seeing bits of your year. Glad you had a wonderful, blessed, and happy 2013!

    Apartment 203

  10. Congrats! Looking forward to Project 2014!

  11. Baby Milo's photos are my favourites this 2013,
    Happy New Year!!

  12. Hurray! Not even gonna lie, I love the photo of you on the last day celebrating... the most!

  13. SO proud of you for finishing your 365 project! You made it girl! -- I started one last year and only made it to mid-March, but I enjoy looking at them so much I've decided to start again this year. I don't have a blog to share them, but I'll send a link if you want to see. I think I might just do Flickr (unless you have a better suggestion!). --- I adore seeing Milo and you guys as a family, the kitty babies and just around the house. When looking at my pictures, I found I really enjoy seeing the snapshots of little random things I was doing more than something that just made a pretty picture (as you said too.) -- Happy New Year! (Sorry this was so long, haha!)

  14. wow, congrats on completing the full 365! it seems so hard for me! but I like your approach to it!

  15. Happy New Year and congratulations on completing your 365! I've loved seeing all your cute photos of Milo and the cats. :)

  16. Congrats on finishing a whole year of photos!! It's a serious accomplishment... :) I've never been able to stick to it, myself! Any tricks you found helpful? I hope you had a lovely holiday...and happy New Years!

  17. I lvoe carrot and apple juice, so quick to juice and so tastey :-)


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