Monday, January 6, 2014

Projects :: 2014 Granny Square Project (Week 1)

The other day Alycia mentioned that she would be making a granny square a day in 2014 as part of an Instagram challenge. That reminded me of my granny square blanket that has been collecting dust in my craft room for quite some time now. I don't know what it is about that blanket, I mean, I have finished other blankets, why can't I finish that one? Ok, I do know what it is about it...it is going to be really big and it's intimidating.

I have made some progress since I last mentioned it but it is nowhere near complete.
So, instead of just letting this pretty blanket sit around unfinished for a few more years I am going to chip away at it slowly with this project. I have decided to make at least one granny square a week for this blanket in 2014. If I am able to make a few some weeks that would be even better but my goal is at least one. I will share my squares here to keep me honest.

Here is my week one (Jan 1 - 5) square.
I can't wait to see this challenge progress! It is going to be so colourful!


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