Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Photos :: 365 (April 16 - 22, 2014)

106/365 :: Wearing overall shorts, pretending it's summer. Also, I love hanging out with this little turkey everyday.
107/365 :: We walked to the park to check it out but it was too cold to play. There are tons of fallen branches everywhere because of the big ice storm we got before all of the snow came and covered up the mess.
108/365 :: Milo loves putting his head on cats lately. This is Ivan's brother's cat and luckily she doesn't mind too much.
109/365 :: See ya!
110/365 :: Milo playing with an old My Little Pony of mine.
111/365 :: This day was beautiful so we went down to Pier 4 to hang out with some geese. I was looking for a piece of beach glass for Milo (and some to send to my best gal) but we didn't find any.
112/365 :: Just going out to run some errands.
Man, I have so much to blog about but a teething baby with a cold is taking up more time than normal. Usually I have some time after Milo goes to bed to get a few things done but the poor little guy has been waking up so much that I don't have much time for anything. Also, I'm tired. Last night I fell asleep as I was putting him to bed! I'm not complaining at all, I do enjoy the extra snuggles.

Annnnnddddd, on Sunday at my Dad's house Milo wanted me to pick him up and he started saying, "Mamamamama". He has done this multiple times now and it always seems to be directed towards me, not just babbling, so I think we have some official first words. Oh, and he has also been signing "milk" all of a sudden. I'm trying to reinforce what it means by giving him milk when he signs it even if I think he might not actually mean that he wants milk. One last thing...Milo walks a lot by himself now and even sometimes runs. Yikes.

Wow, I guess a lot is new since I checked in last. How about you guys?

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