Monday, April 21, 2014

Photos :: Miscellaneous Shots

I still have lots to document from Seattle but here is a little round of random shots from our first weekend there. 

This is just a neat looking building. There were tons of buildings with old signage painted on but I didn't take photos of as many as I would have liked to.
 photo building_zpsf30b2d09.png
A heart, a maze, and the Children's Museum near the Space Needle. I really wish we had a cool Children's Museum here in Hamilton. The one in Seattle was great! It had so many different sections including a place to play with instruments, a kid sized grocery store & cafe, and so many more neat things!
 photo heartnearspaceneedle_zps7699c81a.png
 photo miloelyciaspaceneedle_zps9886ad47.png
 photo childrensmuseum2_zps8bb1d0aa.png
 photo childrensmuseum_zps046991c7.png
We went on the Underground Tour and it was really neat. I was carrying Milo so Ivan was in charge of photos. I can tell I'm tired because I just accidentally typed "I was carrying the camera so Ivan was in charge of photos".
 photo undergroundtour_zpse8f636d4.png
 photo undergoundtour2_zps8e9d22ce.png
We had a good Easter weekend. We got together with some family (which we actually do every weekend) and we have a bigger family dinner tonight. It is really nice to see Milo interacting with his grandparents more lately. He is getting a lot more comfortable with them and will hold their hands and walk them all over the place. I mean, he was ok with them before but now he seems to really enjoy them which is awesome. Oh yeah, also, Milo is exactly 10 months old today!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. The catch of the day photo is so cute!

  2. Yay! Happy 10 months Milo!
    I've only been once but loved Seattle too. Water, mountains, market...were you able to check out the troll under the bridge by any chance? Thanks for sharing all your pictures!

  3. Oh man, I miss Seattle. I'm from Vancouver originally, so a weekend down South was a regular occurrence. Being on the other side of the country makes that a little more difficult. Burlington VT is not nearly as cool as Seattle. And yeah for the Underground tour. I remember loving that as a teenager. Wonder if I'd still think it was as funny.


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