Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photos :: 365 (July 10 - 16, 2014)

191/365 :: I don't know what is up with this face.
192/365 :: We went to Toronto for a friend's surprise birthday party. Milo came along and he was just a dream child that night.
193/365 :: Ha! This photos makes me laugh. It wasn't meant to be my photo for the day. We were on our way out to a wedding that I planned on bringing my camera to. I snapped this just before we left and then forgot my camera at home.
194/365 :: Reaching for a baaallllll.
195/365 :: Milo loves splash pads so much.
196/365 :: Oh, just a big pile of clothes that don't fit Milo anymore.
197/365 :: A computer and a cat.
Hi there! Yesterday was a rough day around here. Nothing particularly bad happened, Milo was just having a bit of a tough day which led to me having a tough day. He is definitely working on new sounds and maybe even a new tooth so that was probably affecting things.

Ivan is off tomorrow so today is our Friday and that makes me really happy. Milo and I are just about to go into the garden and pick some chamomie flowers and berries. Have a great day!



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