Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photos :: 365 (June 26 - July 2, 2014)

177/365 :: Filling and emptying.
178/365 :: We got a few plants a while back and I immediately remembered why we didn't have any plants. The windowsill right above the kitchen sink is the only place where they get enough lights and don't get chewed by cats. Ivan and I had fun making the terrarium though.
179/365 :: Ivan's Dad is the only other person who takes as many photos of Milo as I do. I love it.
180/365 :: Pulling on Daddy's beard is super fun.
181/365 :: Milo looks like he is singing in a musical here.  No? Just me?
182/365 :: It's almost August and here I am just posting the first day of July.
183/365 :: I'm sure I've shown a photo of this chair before but the contents are always changing.

Good morning! I couldn't sleep for some reason last night and then Milo was up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night wanting to comfort nurse for some reason. I was so tired when I first got up but I'm feeling more awake.  First thing on the agenda...try to find my credit card. I think I probably dropped it outside somewhere but I'm crossing my fingers that's not the case.

I hope everyone has a good day.



  1. Gah I am constantly battling my cats to stay away from my plants! Those terrariums are super cute though!

  2. Milo does look like he's singing in that photo, or at least on stage... maybe doing some standup! He's definitely holding a mic, and charming the audience - who wouldn't pay to see that little face?! :)
    I really hope you find your credit card... that can ruin a whole day, searching... and then you'll find it somewhere stupid like behind the toilet or something. Good luck!


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