Friday, July 25, 2014

5 Fave Friday

5. Ivan sent me this link and while I haven't actually made them yet these cauliflower buffalo bites look delicious!

4. Rewind three years ago to when I was looking for the perfect yellow wedding shoes. Well, here they are.

3. I am so in love with Tracy Baker's style of drawing characters. Kaylah is already cute but in cartoon form she's kind of over the top cute.
photo from The Dainty Squid

2. I love Kale.

1. I really wish that I had bought a ring sling when Milo was tiny. These days he wants to see what I'm doing while I'm cooking and it would really come in handy. This Sakura Bloom one is really pretty.

Once again it's been awhile! It's kind of crazy. I have been sharing photos here and there but I kind of feel like you guys just have no idea what is going on in my life at the moment. Not that there is anything too exciting going on, I guess I just feel like I have changed so much but not really talked about much of it here. Typing this sounds more dramatic than I mean it to. I guess I just don't share funny stories and personal things much anymore. Whatever, I'm sleepy and babbling.

I hope everyone has a really good Friday!


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  1. The cauliflower bites aren't as good as you would think, but they aren't dreadful either. I'd give them a solid C+. And yes, we all miss seeing more of your personality here, but no pressure, momming beats blogging.

  2. Cartoon Kaylah is cool - really like her. We have a HugABub wrap and it's one of the best things we purchased - and super handy for nap time when Jaxon won't settle in his moses basket - I think he's figured that is for sleeps at night but doesn't like it so much during the day.


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