Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Photos :: 365 (June 5 - 11, 2014)

156/365 :: I can always tell in photos when Milo has recently woken up.
157/365 :: Some pretty yellow flowers in our garden.
158/365 :: Drying some laundry.
159/365 :: What a face.
160/365 :: Poor guy has a cold in the photo but he's still smiling.
161/365 :: Andrea sent me one of these awesome cards for my birthday. Then Pinny ate the butterfly on it. I saw these for sale through ModCloth so I picked up a pack.
162/365 :: Just doing some light reading.
Another photo catch up.

Right now I'm sitting here waiting for Milo to wake up so that we can head out to meet up with our best girl! Oh, he's stirring, gotta go!!!!

Have a great Wednesday.


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  1. Milo is so adorable and getting SO big!! Since my baby boy is two months now, I think I'd like to do the photo a day next year. I bet it's so fun to look back and see these little moments and watch him grow!

  2. Love the Beatles bib! Or maybe it's a t-shirt?
    I have the same Folk and Fairy Tales book from when I was younger... is that yours, or did you find it for Milo? The illustrations are the best!
    Happy Sunday :)

    1. It's a shirt and he wears it a lot!

      I picked that up at the thrift store a long time ago because I liked the looks of it. Milo isn't interested in that type of story book yet but I'm excited to share it with him when he is.


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