Monday, July 7, 2014

Photos :: 3rd Anniversary

 photo ivanelyciamilo_zpsd56a9bda.png
 photo anniversary2014-1_zps92930017.png
 photo kissingmilo_zps39b29710.png
 photo milolaughing_zps94bc53d2.png
 photo ivanelycia_zpsd6d59251.png
 photo milorunning_zpsa0275770.png
June 25th was our 3 year wedding anniversary so we headed over to Spencer Smith Park in Burlington where we originally took wedding photos to snap a few shots. Milo was not super into staying still but we managed to get some photos when a nice man with a dog stopped near the camera to hold his attention. People can be pretty awesome sometimes.

I like looking back at the photos from previous years and I hope that we can keep up these photos forever. It is neat to see how things change from year to year.

I hope everyone has a good Monday!



  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I must of been following you for quite a while seeing as I can remember the first photo being put up!

    You guys look fab, hope you had a lovely family day together.

    Best wishes, Danielle.

  2. so beautiful and natural - looking forward to seeing many more photos like that in the future :-)

  3. He is on the go! Love it. I also super super love your shoes in the last set of photos!

  4. These photos are SO CUTE! Milo has gotten so big! And that last photo of him running away cracks me up :)


  5. Aww! You have such an adorable family. Happy anniversary!

  6. That is an impressive beard for one year! haha, beautiful family. <3

  7. Beautiful bride and beautiful mama!
    And check out that beard! haha! Amazing!

  8. Great idea to take some photos at the same place, you took the wedding photos. It is fun to see your family change and also grow :)


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