Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Photos :: Flashback to Florida 2015

The one thing that really drove me crazy about not blogging was the fact that I didn't take the time to pick out my favourite photos from trips and events and just everyday stuff. I've decided to sort back through my photos and just randomly post about things that happened while I wasn't blogging. Like I said before, this time around I am keeping this blog 100% for myself as a journal to remember my life and this is what I want to post about. No rules, I do what I want! So, here are a few photos from our trip to Florida this past February.

It wasn't that hot in Florida while we were there but it was absolutely freezing in Hamilton so I didn't mind one bit. As long as there wasn't 5 feet of snow I was happy! We went to the beach, the Children's Museum, swimming in the pool and had a great time. We stayed at my cousin's condo and he and his girlfriend as well as his daughter and her boyfriend all came down for the last part of our trip. Of course my dad and stepmom were also there (that's who we were visiting). It was so much fun having everyone there at once!
 photo childrens museum_zpsp4ibgf8b.png
 photo ivan milo2_zpsubuc5q8q.png
 photo milo mommy hats_zpst6jf1opj.png
 photo milo eating_zpskjfufetz.png
Don't mind how low my shirt was being nipples, I promise!
 photo sunset family_zps69irxxs5.png
 photo milo tractor_zpshz4j4znd.png
 photo milo elycia swimming_zps7ladnjdd.png
 photo plane_zps9pkpnjm8.png
 photo ivan milo_zpsianl3l3t.png
 photo family_zpsit6yjjrm.png
 photo sunset_zpsiwduskx1.png



  1. What a treat to see you're blogging again! What a beautiful family! I loved all your different colors, but you are a babe as a brunette :)

  2. Fantastic photos Elycia, you all look so happy and lovely :)
    On a different note, I am so happy that you are back blogging again, this has literally made my week! xox


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