Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Photos :: Simpler Thyme Organic Farm

 photo simpler thyme organic farm_zpsoocvte1d.png
The day after we got back from Cleveland Ivan, my mom, Milo and I visited Simpler Thyme Organic Farm. Earlier in May we bought a bunch of seedlings from them at the Mustard Seed Co-op seedling sale and asked if visitors were allowed on their farm. Turns out visitors are very welcome absolutely anytime to walk around the grounds, play on the trampoline, visit the greenhouse and basically just enjoy anything on the farm. We picked up a few more seedlings, some fresh lettuce and asparagus then just wandered around for a while.
 photo kale_zpsnx7oivhm.png
 photo seedlings_zps2qwovuj6.png
 photo fields_zps7krum4q5.png
 photo frisbee ball_zpsyelswkle.png
 photo lilac_zpsmaxccdbt.png
We took a very short walk into the forest (crazy mosquitos!) looking for trilliums but I think we were a little late to see any. We did spot some jack-in-the-pulpits and a cute mushroom.
 photo jack flowers_zpsljn4avti.png
 photo mushroom_zpsfu4khsqq.png
There was also an area that was full of bones! Pretty neat.
 photo bones_zpskgc51xyb.png
 photo bones2_zpsow3factp.png

I would be very happy to live somewhere like this. The owners were super nice...maybe they would just let us move in? We'll bring our own tent, obviously.



  1. so pretty! love when farmers are welcoming :)

  2. Hey! So glad you're back at this again! Are you growing anymore of those delicious grapes this summer? I'm coming down to the creek the weekend of June 19, hope you guys are around!


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