Monday, June 1, 2015

Photos :: Rockefeller Park Greenhouse

 photo greenhouse_zpsul3piqvh.png
On our last day in Cleveland Kaylah and Jeff took us to the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. I could have stayed there all day breathing in the fresh air and now I want a greenhouse in our backyard even  more than I did before. I have enjoyed gardening since we moved into our house but this year I have become a lot more interested in it and visiting the greenhouse and admiring all the plants has me even more excited. I can't wait to share progress photos of our veggie garden as it grows! Anyways, back to the summarize, all the plants were bonkers and I loved it.
 photo DSC_8164_zpsyrlpxeuw.png
 photo green and pink_zpsv2klf5kx.png
 photo cactus_zpsli075f0t.png
 photo aloe_zpslprseqza.png
 photo fuzzy_zps4k1e6shc.png
 photo fingers_zpsalvzt8sp.png
 photo orchid_zpsaldaweqp.png
 photo hanging ghost_zps0lixwf4o.png
 photo milo water_zpsx0ngq4jr.png
 photo purple_zpsxiztnpbm.png
 photo wall_zpsydbzccep.png
 photo pink_zpsyozhrlse.png
 photo hanging_zpswo0ir5cf.png

I keep wanting to say that a certain plant is my favourite but I really can't choose. I'll just take one of each please.

Also...June 1st? How the heck did that happen so quickly?



  1. Welcome back! :D Those photos are so lovely, I just adore succulents. This place looks like a dream to visit!

  2. Welcome back!!! I'm so glad you're back and well!! :D Can't wait to see and hear more about your past few months! <3


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