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Veg Out - my story and some links

I have loved reading a few people's veggie stories so far! here are a few links:

The Lilac Rabbit: first of all...i love this girl. her comments on my blog always make my giggle (i think we have pretty much the exact same sense of humour). anyways...this lovely lady has posted the story of how she became vegetarian as well as a few helpful links. check it out!

Mary Sew: Trisha is a sweet German lady with a cute blog who just participated in her first craft fair (trendmafia)! Trisha posted her veggie story here so go check it out too!

If you have posted anything Veg Out related let me know and i will link you :)

i thought i would get the first part of my story out there. just as an overview...i have been a vegetarian since the summer of 1997 and vegan since January 2010. this is the story of how i went vegetarian.

here are a few stories that have me convinced that i was destined to be a vegetarian.

1. i was on a trip with my parents and the hotel was having a big dinner...a pig roast. while the pig was cooking (and still looking very much like a pig) my dad brought me over to it and said "this is what we're having for dinner." I burst into tears and ran away. I didn't want to go back into that room and i ended up eating a chocolate bar for dinner.

2. i went to medieval times with my mom and some friends. when they brought our dinner i freaked out and thought i was going to be sick. if you have never been to medieval times, they serve you a little chicken...a little WHOLE chicken. i couldn't handle it.

3. in general, anytime someone cooked meat for me i would freak out and feel sick to my stomach if i saw the tiniest bit of blood (or any liquid) coming out of it. this resulted in me eating a lot of terribly overcooked meat which didn't make me like it any more

i didn't love meat but i was usually able to eat it as long as i didn't have to associate it with the animal it was coming from. when i was young, no one told me that it was an option to just not eat it. it wasn't until the summer before i started grade nine that i heard about vegetarians. (i think, my memory is a bit spotty, but i'm pretty sure that is accurate!)

i really loved the band silverchair...ok i was obsessed. so naturally i had to find out everything about the members of the band.
so my research told me that daniel (the blond one above) didn't eat meat. i was like, "hey! that's smart! i'm going to try that for a week!"

at first i just cut out red meat. i had some people who gave me a hard time asking what i could eat and saying it was too hard to cook for me. at that time i still ate chicken and fish! come on!
this was about 1 month after i gave up meat. my friends faces have been hidden out of courtesy :)

about 1 year after i cut out red meat i started to get really grossed out by chicken and had a few traumatic experiences, haha. at that point i cut out all meat products.
this was around the time i gave up chicken and fish

When i was in highschool i was not a healthy vegetarian. i hadn't really taken the time to educate myself and i didn't replace meat with anything. i basically just ate all carbs all the time including a lot of really junky food. thumbs down to me :(

Sometime during university i decided to reintroduce fish into my diet.
 i think this photo was from the night i started eating fish was at a dinner theatre place.

i did it because i felt it was necessary for me to get omega 3's, etc...which i now know is entirely possible to do without animal products. I guess at this point i was not a vegetarian but a pescetarian. I ate this way until about January of 2010.

but that is the next part of my story...until next time :)



  1. this was a really interesting read. Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to hearing how it continues!

  2. i really loved reading this. i was just thinking yesterday when i do 'veg out' for a week, i need to really eat healthy, not just 'not eat meat' but cut out on all the crap too. :)

  3. I am joining in! It is a short post with some resource links but maybe I will tell my (long!) story in the upcoming month!

  4. I had the same problem with the junky carbs.
    That's the thing people don't realize. It's easy to overcompensate with carbs because vegetables are so easy to digest you just end up feeling hungry all the time. People usually associate vegans/vegetarians with being emaciated. In truth I know some unhealthy vegetarians, and I struggled for a while with high cholesterol. Cutting out meat doesn't make anyone some automatic epitome of good health.
    Can't wait for part two.

  5. i love that you are doing this!! i am not a vegetarian, love meat, sorry :( but i really can do with out it though. i usually have a veggie lunch and once or twice a week we will have a veggie dinner. we get an organic box of veggies each week and most of their subscribers are vegetarians and they always include recipes with each box and it always has vegetarian recipes which is really nice...i don't believe every single meal i eat should contain a meat product and have cut out red meat as much as i can...i rarely buy it or eat it as most of my family have heart problems so i figured i should cut it and i don't miss it!


  6. I think that I could easily be a vegetarian, I am not a big fan of red meat. That was a very interesting read. We are having company over in a couple of weeks and they are from India and are vegetarians, I am trying to figure out something to make, but still something that my husband and the other guests will enjoy....hummm, any good ideas??

  7. I really wish I could become a vegetarian. Most meats disgust me. I love fish and chicken though, and according to the doctor I need eggs. My mum won't let me, and I'm living with her so she's in charge of what I eat right now >.<

  8. Thanks for posting your story! I am inspired to keep up my vegetarianism. I have been for a month now!

  9. Awww...thanks for sharing your story. I can't wait to hear the next part!!!

    P.S. I want to see pics of your newly organized studio!!! :)

  10. I was totally the same when I first became veg, ate bad things, but over time you learn what is good for certain nutrients.
    Ive been trying to change my veg diet to vegan slowly this year, its tricky but its also good!

    ps: hehe silverchair..i was obsessed with them when i was a little teen i live in the same town as they grew up in/still live sometimes in, ben, even went to my partners restaurant for his "bachelor" dinner the night before his wedding, small little world :)

  11. I love your story. A lot of the things you went through as a child are very similar to what I felt too. You inspired me to write my story...

    my veg story


  12. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to part two.
    My going veg story is here:

  13. Sounds like you have been like me with your diets!! I posted my veg story this morning

  14. Yea, I was like that when i first went vegetarian. I didn't know there was more to it than, ya know, not eating meat. I also had to maintain my health.

    I really enjoyed reading this. :)

    I wrote a part of my story here:

  15. :)
    we are the same kind of vegetarians - yay fish ;)

  16. This was interesting to read! Thanks for sharing Elycia! :) I sometimes think I could be vegetarian... but I could never be vegan. I LOVE cheese. All kinds of cheese. I could definitely do without meat and chicken though if I had to! And the only fish I eat is fish and chips, ha!

  17. I stopped eating red meat 7 years ago. Recently I saw someone eat a balut more meat now.


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