Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 :: Goals

I am not a goal setter by nature. Goals can be kind of scary sometimes and I often shy away from them so that I don't end up with a reminder in list form of all the things I wanted to do but didn't get around to. I'm sure some of you can relate! However, lists do help me get things done so I decided to take the plunge again this year and make a list of things I would really love to accomplish. I choose things that will make me happier and that I genuinely want to do.

Originally when I was thinking of things I wanted to do I ended up with a page long list! I decided to break them into categories for blog purposes. This list pretty much covers everything!
:: Finish decorating our home ::
When I say "finish" I mean "get to a place where I love spending time in every room". So far we have the living room and kitchen painted and decorated in a way that we like. I would like to hang more photos/art in both rooms but they are looking pretty good already. That leaves my studio/office (in the works as we speak!), our bedroom (also in the works), the guest room, our crazy awesome room in the basement with red shag carpet (we have a super fun plan for this room!), the main room in the basement, our music room and the bathrooms. Sounds like a lot but I'm not worried. Decorating bit by bit is so much fun!
Also tied in with decorating our home are some sub goals: host a housewarming, do a video home tour, as well as some specific home decor projects I have in mind.

:: Have an amazing backyard garden ::
Ivan and I are both pretty pumped about this! We can't wait for the spring to arrive so that we can turn our backyard into our own personal produce section. Our house came with three fruit trees and a grapevine so we are already well on our way.

:: Complete a year long project ::
So far I have abandoned not one, but TWO attempts at a 365 photo project. If I miss a day by accident I basically immediately give up. This year I thought of a really fun daily photo idea. I actually have three different year long photo projects in the works. I will tell you about each of them later. I will feel so accomplished if I finish even one of them!

:: Blog makeover ::
As much as I love my current design I really want to give my little online home a makeover. I have started a few new looks in the past but I end up ditching them because they just don't seem good enough!  I have a few ideas for a new look and I am excited about trying them out.

:: Create more ::
This actually has a ton of sub goals. I want to create art for our home, complete at least one large project (I'm working on my first crocheted afghan as we speak!), make more videos (for the blog and for fun), work on some exciting projects I have up my sleeve, diminish my stash of hoarded craft supplies by using them, etc...

:: Get my hair healthy ::
I was kind of not so nice to my poor hair last year. As fun as the colours were, the bleaching did not do my already dry hair any favours. Especially when I bleached it myself. I am now dealing with an accidental mullet because the top layer of my hair broke up to where my roots were the last time I bleached it! I'm not saying this will happen to you if you bleach your hair because I have seen many cases where it doesn't happen...I just wasn't conditioning as much as I should have been. So...if you are going to bleach...condition a lot! Duh, right? Anyways, I am going to try to be kinder to my hair this year.

:: Tie up wedding loose ends :: 
We still have to send our wedding thank you cards, have photos printed and (you are going to think I'm awful) I need to finish buying gifts for my bridesmaids! I gave them each a hair piece from Hive & Honey as well as a pouch from The Dainty Squid but I really want to give them each another little special something. I am such a slow gift giver because I want it to be really good! Oh, and one last wedding loose end...I still haven't changed my last name!

I also have a few blog related goals that I didn't write a heading for. It would have been "Blog Stuff". I want to maintain and grow my blog friendships as well as make new ones. I want to leave people more comments; if I think something is awesome I should let that person know!

Did you set any goals for yourself this year?



  1. Year long projects are the hardest! I think the decorating your home one is really fun and fulfilling (well, I guess all are). I have set some goals yesterday (on my blog). One very big one is that I want to fold a 1000 paper cranes and then give them away to random strangers! :D



  2. I'm the same with the photo 365 photo challenge! I tried to do it last year, missed one day, and gave up. Shame really :( Good luck! xx

  3. i love the 'get my hair healthy' goal! it took me two years to gewt healthy hair agian after dying it over and over again. but it was worth it, I love how soft and strong my hair is now! good luck :)

  4. I want to do a 365 photos project too, it's going to be my first, I hope I'll complete it :) I just found my guideline today so i have 3 pics to re-do. I intend to make a GIF every month and post it on my blog, and then a mega GIF in the end of the year !

    Otherwise I want to practise my english and learn italian before going to Roma on summer vacation. And I also want to keep creating all kind of stuff, espacially jewlery, and develop my little business I juste started (come visit! I would love your opinion!)

    Good luck with your goals, keep us posted!

  5. I actually (and I know this sounds crazy) created a list of 52 goals--I'll pick one each week. I know it sounds overwhelming but they're things that can be easily crossed off a list, that I've literally been saying I'll do for years but haven't!!!! Such as: make my own sushi, go on a ghost tour, and sew/alter all the clothes I never wear into something new! Also in regards to hair, I've been doing this mohawk to short hair to shoulder length and start all over again thing. This year I'm letting it grow out! I really miss having long, brightly colored hair and this is the year!! Your goals sound amazing. We just moved into a new house so there will be much decorating as well!!

  6. What great goals!! Okay...confession...its been months and I still havent sent out our thank you cards it too late? I guess its never too late to say 'thank you' - haha! Keeping my fingers crossed for your 365 project - I have faith in you!! xox


  7. I'm really jealous that you have a red shag carpet! I'm a super big fan of shag!

    That's really cool that you already have fruit trees in your yard. My old house had 4 huge red raspberry bushes. They produced SO many berries all summer. It was amazing and I loved them. I made jam and I could go out every morning and pick a few for on my cereal. I miss them so much!

  8. I did set up some goals :) I posted them here:
    It looks like all of your goals are quite achievable :) Good luck in 2012!

  9. I have a few floating around upstairsbut like you Im dont want to write them down incase they never get done! I hate seeing a list with nothing crossed through!x

  10. really awesome goals for he year elycia!
    I started a new year long project where I make a craft each week. forcing me to craft the things I want and to be accountable! I'm really excited! I also can't wait to see your photo projects and house art come to life on here!

  11. I'm working on my first ever 365 project this year! I'm pretty sure I'll forget a day and mess it up =P

  12. I'm working on decorating our house too, which I hope means lots of fun DIYs to make. Since we aren't moving or planning a wedding this year, I think I'll have quite a bit more time on my hands. So maybe I can finally start working on my long list of dream projects.

    Good luck with your goals!

  13. A blog makeover is on my agenda this year as well. I can't wait to sit down and have some fun personalizing my little corner of the internet!

  14. I like how you chose big categories for your goals... my list is a bit random, but we're expecting some transition this year (moving across the country!) so it's hard to plan too far ahead!

    My list of randomness, if you care to see:

    --Ciara Kay

  15. I bleached my hair once and it all fell out. Which makes me sad, I've always wanted rose pink hair. Though I'm not sure if I could teach English 101 with hair that color it would be fun to try.

  16. I did set many goals, I did a page-long list, like you! I hope I can accomplish most of them. I wish you the same. You have some great resolutions!

  17. Ooh, I'm so curious about your 365 projects. I was trying to come up with a theme for one, thinking that might make it easier for me to stick to... but I couldn't come up with anything which would hold my attention for a full year.

    I have a monthly photo project coming up next week, though, which I'm really looking forward to!

    Best of luck with your goals!

  18. I have a bunch of goals in my head but I really need to write them down! I'm so excited to see your home tour- I know it will look awesome!

  19. where did u get that journal? love the "grid" pages!

  20. thanks and good luck to everyone who made resolutions!

    Amanda, my mom has raspberry bushes that she has has since before I was born! I am going to get a clipping in the spring to plant up at our house!

    Stacey K, I honestly can't remember where I got it! I'm thinking Michael's but I could be mistaken.

  21. um, pretty sure you forgot something...

    ♥ hangout with carly more

  22. I feel your pain on the hair situation. I had to shave my whole head 3 years ago because i had damaged my hair so much!!! Not fun!

    my goals this year are to get my blog where i love EVERYTHING about it, learn to sew, crochet an afghan (i'm about to start one, too!) and try out more recipes! and getting used to the midwest would be a good one, too!

  23. In love with your blog and I see we have alot of the same "to do's" for 2012...including wedding stuff! Happy Wednesday :D

  24. those sound like good goals!! hope its a great new year for you! :)

  25. Get and change your surname missy! Although, I think it's awfully strange thinking of yourself with a different surname!

  26. Love the list! Very positive & productive.
    As for the hair- I don't know how you do it, but your hair looks SO healthy in photos. I've never seen even a hint of dryness. You must have some sort of fancy schmancy "healthy hair" photo filter. Even if it is dry, at least it doesn't look it!!

  27. This is a very lovely list, I am intrigued to learn more about your photography projects later in the year! :) xxx

  28. Our goals are pretty similar ^_^ Just posted mine today, too. And I have to change my name, too! The idea of visiting the Social Security has encouraged procrastination lol

  29. I like your goals for the year! I am also wary of setting goals, usually because I set so many that I get overwhelmed & then give up on all of them. So this year, my only goal is to make my life as amazing as possible.

  30. i;ve been trying to leave more blog comments too! there are some many blogs i get a TON of enjoyment out and never comment! so terrible.

  31. i wish you luck on all your goals. please, keep us posted on the progress. (:

  32. It took me forever to change my last name! I just started a 365 project: to get outside every day. (And create photo-document our adventures) We've been having so much fun with it, I think we might actually make it through the year!


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