Sunday, February 19, 2012

photo an hour :: a friday

I took a photo an hour last Friday on just a regular day around the house. Normally I do these photo an hours on extra exciting days but I thought it would be fun to take photos of my day to day routine. Here it is!
:: 8 am ::
Exercised, showered, breakfast eaten and blog post for the day up! 
:: 9 am ::
Laundry is happening. At least it looks pretty.
:: 10 am :: 
My blog notebook is never far from my side on work days. February even gets some special pink sticky notes.
:: 11 am ::
Finishing up some vlog editing and spit laughing all over my computer because we are so silly!
:: 12 pm ::
Admiring my new phone case and finally remembering to send an important email. Because, you know, I'm a very important person with very important things to do and very important emails to send to very important people.
:: 1 pm ::
Ripped off Kaylah's colour scheme and painted some more zig zag nails
:: 2 pm ::
Anakin actually gets angry if I take too many photos of him, he's such a diva. He will complain, and then eventually leave. This is his "I dare you to take one more photo" face.
:: 3 pm ::
Started giving one of my suitcases a makeover.
:: 4 pm ::
Finishing up a gift for a friend.
:: 5 pm ::
Starting some yummy dinner.

And that's all! What does a typical day look like for you? Send me a link if you do a photo an hour post of one of your days!



  1. Oooh, I did this in January and plan on doing one in February! Your day really, truly seemed packed with what you love. Friendship, kitties, crafting, blog planning, good food?! What's NOT to love?! ;) Also, your nails are gawgeous!!!

  2. I love these kind of blog posts! I´m having the week off next week and was actually thinking about doing a photo an hour post then :-) I'll let you know!

  3. Love it, you take really nice photo's :)

    One day soon I will do this.. when I have enough time to myself to remember to take a photo each hour :)

  4. I definitely need to do one of these posts! Maybe today actually! I just think these photo an hour posts are so cute! Thanks for sharing :)
    xo Heather

  5. Loved this, it's nice to know how people spend a typical day!

  6. Hi Elycia, i just found your blog. Love at first sight :) have a nice day! Julia

  7. Such a lovely day Elycia!

    I've been trying to complete a "photo an hour" post during a regular class day for months!! There are only so many pictures of my desk that I can take, you know? ;-) I'll try it next week and get a bit more creative. You inspired me to finally do it!

    Have fun in Florida!!

  8. Nice post!

    My day looks pretty different:

    7:00 - 8:15 wake up (me and my two kids), breakfast, preparing them for school and me for work.
    8:15-8:40 bringing kids to school and going to work
    8:40-15:00 - working (I work for a CRO as a Study Director)
    15:15 picking kids from school, then we go home or to do some shopping
    until 20:00 doing all kinds of things including cooking, taking kids for different activities, crafting with them, cleaning house
    20:00-20:30 preparing kids to bed
    from 20:30 until 01:00 time for crafting, posting, reading ..
    The thing is that I always have to keep the schedule and this is something frustrating :) Fortunately, kiddos have now a week off so we go for short holidays to Poland, yuppi!!!!

  9. I think mine would go: Sitting on the internet; Reading; Sitting on the Internet; Reading; Sitting on the internet; Watching New Girl; Reading...

    Hmm... maybe I need to do more with my time?!

  10. My cats are like that too. Eventually they slap my camera or phone out of my hand.

  11. i love photo an hour posts! i finally did on a little while ago:
    it is so hard to pick just one photo from an hour though!

  12. Best day ever. You are such an early bird! I'm totes jealous. I always end up staying up too late playing video games or watching my stories and then it ruins my day. Productivity FAIL! Wah wah.

    I am going to do a photo an hour post. Mark my words! :D


  13. I wish my day was a bit more like that! I love these photo an hour posts that are popping up all over the place. It's nice to get a peek into everyone else's lives.

  14. It's so interesting to see what people's normal day are composed of. It seems like you get a lot of fun stuff done while also working hard :)

  15. Hi Elycia, I decided to pick up my camera again and do a photo an hour challenge. I think my photos came out great and because you only get one picture, you have to take a picture of something important. Here's mine!

  16. My dog is the same about photos. Some days, as soon as he hears the shutter sound on my ipad he'll immediately get up and leave the room. Such a sook!

  17. I really love that phone case of yours! Oh and tell Anakin that his angry face is super cute. :)

  18. Nice post, thanks for letting us take a peek into your home and day :)

  19. Hey Elycia (since watching your vlog with kaylah I realise your name is elee-sha, and not eli-see-ah which I previosly read it as)...


    I did actually post a photo an hour on Sunday which you will laugh at for the many shots of my shoes throughout the day (well, I laughed and so did my Mum, she was probably laughing AT me, but I will take it as she thought I did a funny):

    I love Anakin's many faces, this one is a classic...he just looks about to actually kill you! hahaha

  20. Haha I've been waiting so long for an interesting day for me to do this! :P I'm not sure if it will ever happen.

  21. LOVE this. I always enjoy your photos and all the color in your life.

  22. Are you going to show the finished suitcase makeover? I want to see it!

  23. Hi! This was such a good insight in to you day! I agree with others, can't wait to see the finished suitcase's... and that is oooooone pissed off kitty! haha

    If you have a spare min or two, heres my day :)

    Jen xxx

  24. Those zigzag nails are amazing and your cat really seems to be angry :)

    Here is my day in Barcelona:


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