Tuesday, April 24, 2012

new to me blogs :: part 2

Last time I did one of these I shared two new blogs that I found and liked. This time I have one for you and I think it is a really great one.

Kitty & Buck.
How I ended up there:
Shell sent me an email to tell me that she liked my hair curling video. She was so sweet and funny that of course I had to go visit her blog and get to know her a bit better. (and check out her hair!)

What I saw that made me stay:
Obviously I love colourful hair, pretty photos and cats so that got me hooked. Shell's blog design is also very simple and pretty which is a bonus. I have been chatting with Shell through email and her personality is what really makes me stick around. I really like the way she writes on her blog as well, it sounds very conversational which I love. 

Have you found any new blogs lately? Care to share?


PS. The winner of the Up to the Moon prize pack is Sequins!
Thank you so much to Chantilly for hosting the giveaway and congratulations again on the new album!


  1. Oh I'm so excited! Yay!!

    And thanks for sharing this blog--her hair is so cool! I'm so in love with crazy colored hair it's not even funny.

  2. Thanks for sharing another blog.
    It's fun to find new blogs to enjoy and connect with.

    Her hair is gorgeous!

  3. It's always so nice to find new blogs. I think she'll be very successful. She has a beautiful blog layout and I just love her colourful outfits! Thanks for sharing. This is such a lovely idea xx

  4. i found The Nearsighted Owl via a sponsor post and have been following her blog ever since! i also recently found allthishappiness.blogspot.com and developed some mega vintage coat envy! AND i am finally enjoying the chantilly EP. so many new blogs, i love it!

  5. Thanks Elycia, and thanks to all your lovely readers who have come to say hello! You guys are the best!


  6. Woooooo I love new blogs. Although I already follow too many, ha. Oh well!!

  7. I love Shell! I was fortunate enough to be partnered up with her as blog buddies : ) She really is a genuinely sweet and fun person!



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