Saturday, May 5, 2012

photo an hour :: another day at home

I feel like most of my photo an hours are turning into days at home and I'm ok with that. When I am taking a photo every hour it makes me much more productive during the day. Here is what my day looked like last Wednesday.
7 am :: Starting my morning off with a little bit of crochet.
8 am :: Farva is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
9 am :: Drinking some tea and accidentally flipping off the camera. Also still amazed at how well my sewing machine matches my walls.
10 am :: Having so much fun editing vlogs!
11 am :: Testing lighting for videos. 
12 pm :: My thread/sunglasses display.
1 pm :: Prettiest yarn I've ever thrifted and still editing.
2 pm :: Our letters, cute painted Ivan & Elycia (wedding gift from Alex), and some more Farva beans.
3 pm :: Taking outfit photos. 
4 pm :: Best snack. Apple with peanut butter.
5 pm :: Cooking dinner. You can't have too many cat salt and pepper shakers. (Black & white ones form Amy)
6 pm :: Yummy yummy dinner.
7 pm :: Ivan talked me into making peanut butter pillows. I blame Kaylah for introducing us to these. Well, blame/thank. They are amazing.
8 pm :: Our green onion "garden". 

I love seeing how colourful my days are. 

Today I am visiting a friend in Guelph to do a bit of exploring and browsing in the downtown area. I'm pretty excited! What are your plans for today?



  1. The owl mug is amazing!

    I'm spending today reading, doing a bit of design for a friend and generally taking it easy. Hope you have a great time with your friend.

  2. How fun! I love these Photo an hour posts. :) It's like looking through a window into someone's house. Only, not it that creepy way... (cause there's a non creepy way?? )

    Anyway, cute post! And I have those orange and gray cat salt & pepper shakers too!

  3. Looks like an absolutely splendid day!

    You're right it was a very colorful one too!!!


  4. I totally agree about helping you stay productive. When I know I need to take another photo I'm constantly thinking "okay I want to be able to take a picture of something new soon! Gotta hurry it up!"

  5. what a neat idea! love this post.. i try to make lists to feel more productive but here is the proof - love it!


  6. If you haven't already, you should post a tutorial on how to crochet granny squares. I desperately want to learn!

  7. I LOVE that owl mug!!! I also think that yarn is the best and Farva is adorbs. <3 Your days are definitely so fun and colorful - love 'em!!!

  8. What a wonderful day! I really love your photo an hour posts.

    And yes, Farva is the cutest thing ever. ;)

  9. I am so in love with your fabulous owl mug! Photo an hour posts are the best. :)

  10. Great photos! I enjoyed the peek at your life. I am just cleaning/cooking/doing laundry today. Joann

  11. I didn't realize before that you are a Hamilton girl! I was born and raised there. Don't live there anymore but I am all Hamilton at heart!

  12. Elycia, you seem like the friendly sweetest girl ever. I'd love to be your friend & crochet the day away together!

  13. I love your photo an hour posts! I love how colorful they are too. :) I wish my days were this productive!

  14. These posts are so cool! :)


  15. i love this. you live such a colorful life. i hope my life is like that someday. :)

    love the blog girl!

    love, rach.

  16. I agree! Apples and peanut butter are the best! I could live off of it actually.
    I have yet to make the peanut butter pillows, but I am going to have to try them soon!

    p.s. Your are just adorable.

  17. i love how colourful your days are too!

    question - how do you remember which kittys have salt and pepper in them? :)


  18. I am totally on board with apple and peanut butter as a snack. It's one of my favorite ways to perk up a sluggish afternoon.

  19. what is that for dinner? looks amazing!


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