Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. These shoes are completely adorable.
I love the colour so much!

4. I need these pencils.

3. Danielle blogged about an amazing shop. I want to go there!

2. The top of this dress is so pretty!
Dot a Worry in the World Dress from ModCloth

1. These glasses.
Derek Cardigan 7017 from Coastal
I bought these as kind of a last minute thing but I think they are becoming my favourite pair. The shape is even better in person and they feel so light on my face. Good pick!

I am really excited about today so I better go hop in the shower and get myself ready or I will be left behind! I have been having such a great time staying with Kaylah this week and as much as I miss Ivan and the kitties I will be sad to go back home! We have got up to some pretty hilariously dorky stuff.

Enjoy your Friday!



  1. luv the shoes & the pencils. so cool. i would be laughing for sure. cute! ha. ha!! (:

  2. Those glasses are cute, I'm actually going to the opticians today to get new ones! x

  3. Those glasses are really cute! I keep looking at that website and having trouble picking what I want!!!


  4. OH my! Those shoes are amazing! That picture of the pencils reminds me of those mood pencils Hot Topic used to sell, haha.

  5. Those pencils are the bomb! I need them right now :D
    *High fives for Twin Peaks*

  6. Are those Twins Peaks pencils? Pretty hilarious :)

  7. Oh my, Twin Peaks pencils - love!!

  8. Awesome! I have a pair of Derek Cardigan glasses too, but in a different shape.

    I dug up a photo from my tumblr, if you care to see. (Please pardon my excessive hair accessories!)

    Oh. And I looove those pencils !

  9. oh vegan shoes, and so beautiful! thanks vor sharing!!


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