Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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I have been ignoring my camera a little bit lately so I have been trying to get back to taking it with me everywhere like I did before. I love taking photos so I don't know why I have been leaving it behind so often! To get started I snapped some shots of some things around the house that I liked the looks of.

Our friends gave us some mint and we are trying to get it to sprout some roots. Think it will work?
Ivan hung these two dresses on the steamer in the spare room and the first few times that I walked by them I thought there was someone standing there. Keep in mind though that this is coming from someone who thinks that almost everything in the house is Anakin (my cat, not Skywalker). Seriously, I think I see that kitty everywhere he isn't.
Speaking of's Farva.
This little girl was a semi-recent thrift find. I think she's adorable. 
Another kind of recent thrift find is this thread holder. The colour almost exactly matches the walls in my office. Which, I should mention, is way prettier and brighter than the picture shows. It's just the way the light comes in the window that makes it this muted colour. 

That's all for me for now. Happy Independence Day to all my American friends out there!



  1. Happy Independence Day lovelies!!! Have a great day!

  2. Haha, I have a little black dog and I think every shadow is him :D

  3. Haha, I have the same thing! I always think things are my cat too. But the opposite also happens. That I don't see anyone and all of a sudden my mom moves because she's been standing there all along and it scares the hell out of me haha.

    That thread holder is fantastic!

  4. That thread holder is awesome! Last weekend while doing laundry, I hung a long cardigan in my bathroom to dry. I freaked out a bit when I went to go to the bathroom later that night, haha.

  5. You cat is just like my cat.. :)) The are twins..:))

  6. I love that thread holder! Though I can imagine what a pain it is to get a spool sitting right in the middle of a stack haha. I need to invest in one of those peg ones, this lineup of spools on my studio window ledge is gettin' old.

    Also, that is one cute cat. I like the mirror shot. Kitty glamour?


  7. Your cat is adorable!
    So many great thrift finds! You have the best luck with thrifting!

  8. You're house is so beautiful. I'm so jealous! I always have to do a double take when I'm walking around the house. The dog runs past or a shadow flies by and I think there's someone there lol. Oh well.

    That thread organizer is amazing! I would love to find something like that. I need to get thrifting.

  9. That thread holder is amazing!


  10. Looooooooooove that thread holder. Holy crap.

    And also, diggin' those little peeks around your house! Fun! <3

  11. Love these, that thread holder is so neat!


  12. God, that cat is one gorgeous feline. xoxo

  13. I totally know what you mean about seeing Anakin everywhere. I do the same with our cat, Gizmo. Our cats aren't allowed in our bedroom, but anything gray I automatically think is him sneaking around!

  14. I love your little girl pencil holder. She is adorable! And Farva is sooo handsome!

  15. I love seeing peeks of people's homes, it makes me excited for when I finally move in with the boy and the soon-to-pop-out baba and I'll get to decorate how I like! I get so much inspiration from blogs like yours, I can't wait!


  16. I think your kitties are adorable. I love Farva's wispy white eyebrows and the black on her chin. :)

  17. I've had mint cuttings root and grow just by sticking them directly in soil, but you might also have luck with the water. Just be careful because mint can take over a garden....

  18. awesome thread holder!

    good luck with your mint, I'm really into potting herbs at the moment :) Are you changing the water every 2 - 3 days?



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