Friday, August 31, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. I need to do this to something.
I absolutely love the back of this chair. It is so, so beautiful. 

4. This watch is so neat.
Woodgrain an Hour Watch via ModCloth

3. I really, really want to find a pink typewriter one day.
I had only really considered finding a light pink typewriter but this one is pretty great.

2. I really love these prints.
There are tons more in her shop if you are interested in checking them out!

1. The Paraders new collection.
Rachael has put together some beautiful pieces for The Paraders first original dress collection. I love The Paraders selection of vintage and I'm really excited about these beauties! If you want to lend a hand in the production of these dresses there is a Kickstarter page you can visit. Looks like they have already reached their goal but I'm sure they won't say no to more help!

Ha! Oh my gosh. Ok. I am watching The Office while I'm writing this post and it is the episode where Angela gets a new cat that cost $7000. Remember that? Well, do you remember what she named her cat? Princess Lady. Dangerously close to Princess Log Lady. I am Angela and I'm not too happy about it. But at the same time I am very happy about it.

Ok, I'm off to laugh at Princess Log Lady. She is currently running around with one toy in her mouth and randomly playing with other toys as she passes them...still with the other toy in her mouth. She is so silly.



  1. I'm not a watch person, but that one is so cute!
    Very me :)

    - Danielle <3

  2. It's funny I never got on with the UK version (apart from the Christmas episode) but loved the US version but can't find full episodes on UK tv - what's with that lol.

    I'd love a typewriter - I just need the space for it!

  3. I used to have the most beautiful typewriter when I was young, unfortunately I don't think it survived much past my 12th birthday, I totally typed the crap out of it. I'd love to get another one though, I find typing so much easier than writing and it prevents the distraction of internet xo

  4. I love that episode! Will you also be setting up a webcam for your fur babies?!

  5. I agree! I've always loved scalloped patterns and would not mind having some in my home at all<3

  6. Oh what a beautiful watch and that chair is so awesome! I love scallops. And Princess Log Lady seems like a wonderful cat.

  7. Need. Chair. So full of awesome. YES, I've seen that one! *chuckles* You're Angela. *giggles* If it's any consolation I think she's one of the funniest characters.
    Catherine Denton

  8. Love the chair and the typewriter!
    xo Heather

  9. is the scallop pattern on the chair made of pieces of felt? if so, that's some amazingly patient crafter O.o I'm glad that Prince Log Lady is making herself fully at home with you and her new siblings :)


  10. Love The Parders new collection! I'm so excited for Rachel. And that watch is really cool! I'm normally not a watch liked either

  11. oooooh I love those city prints! May have to get myself a couple of those. :)
    Also, the Paraders collection is to DIE for! So excited about that one.

  12. That chair is absolutely amazing!!That shop has some really great other chairs too! Have a good weekend!

    Peace <3 & (A)-
    Lefties are Lovers

  13. absolutely adore that typewriter.


  14. that chair is probably the coolest thing i have ever seen!! like fish scales.


  15. Yay, #4. I love that watch, I got a black one for my boyfriend on our anniversary.

  16. Hah, scaled chair! SO cool. Looks tedious to make, but awesome! It reminds me of that rainbow fish children's book. Know the one?


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