Thursday, September 20, 2012

Video :: Chicago 2012

Kaylah and I had a really fun weekend in Chicago back a few weeks ago and I'm so happy that we filmed a bunch of footage to help us remember a lot of it. Here is the little video we put together from our time in the Windy City.
Do you see any familiar faces in there? Kaylah and I loved meeting the blog readers who we saw at Renegade Craft Fair, you ladies were all awesome! There was one blog reader we didn't get on video so I would like to say a special hello to Hannah and her mom.

I absolutely love having videos like this to look back on later. I wish I could do it more often!



  1. I adore these videos! And I love the cheesy music y'all put them too, it's just perfect! I know these must take LOADS of time to put together, but what a neat keepsake!

    Can I ask what camera you use to shoot video? It looks so good!

    1. Ha, thank you!

      We use my Nikon D7000 to shoot all of these out and about videos.

  2. I LOVE your videos! I always think I want to start taking videos but I never do. You guys have inspired me to stop putting it off! I also love that you guys are in Chicago. I've been there more than I few times in my life since it's just about a 4 hour drive from where I live and my boyfriend and I just went there this summer. I told him "Elycia and Kaylah are in Chicago at the renegade craft fair!" and he said "Why didn't you tell me, we could have went." Haha And I know that sounds soo creeperific but you girls are the best and I would love to go to the craft fair since Ive never been! And now I am going to post this and be embarrassed that I told you that and I'm a creep.

  3. It all seems lovely except for the aquarium, I thought you were vegan! :(

  4. i like the penguins the best! I'm gutted i missed the same fair over here in England, although i doubt it'd have been as good as Chicago though

    glad you four had an amazing time


  5. oh my goodnes!!! Thanks you soo much for the hello!!! That was a fun little suprise to find on your amazing blog!!!Thanks again!!!:)


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  7. So much amazingness in here! I love that you two did a video - I cover craft fairs on my blog but never thought to do a video - and it's so well done! Plus, it looks like your blog readers are a super cool and pretty bunch!

    I'd love a little (or big) bowl of dippin' dots right about now! And a trip to the aquarium to see seahorses.

    Seriously. I keep having to pause the video to write more in this comment... too much awesome not to comment on. Hehe.

  8. It's great 2 you enjoyed The Windy City. Great place for sure.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)


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