Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Fave Friday

5. These embroidered rings are so pretty.
Wood rings are cool on their own but the embroidery makes these even better.

4. These shoes!
Glitter-ature Tour Flat from ModCloth
Freesia Flat in Blue from ModCloth

That glittery pair is so fancy, I would love to wear them around. The second pretty blue pair isn't for me because of the leather but I can still look at them at appreciate how awesome they are...they are awesome.

3. Cute earrings.
Gwenivere has some really cute things in her shop.

2. I always love initial necklaces.
Usually these necklaces are script but I really love the cute font on these ones.

1. So good!
You can change "CAT" to "CATS". So smart.

This morning there is tons of frost outside. Frost! I am ready for winter to be over already even though it hasn't really started yet. Brrrrrr!

I hope everyone has a great Friday.

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