Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Photo an Hour :: Walking around town

Yesterday I decided to take a photo an hour. I thought it would be a good idea because I was heading out of the house for a few hours. It was an ok idea but lugging my heavy camera around all day when I was doing a lot of walking was not the most fun thing ever. Oh well, it is nice to have the day documented in photos.

8 am :: It was sunny in the morning and I was so happy!
 photo 8am-10_zps41472c7b.png
9 am :: Sleepy Farva. I love when Farva lays on the bed in my office. His little black and white self against all the colour in the room looks so awesome.
 photo 9am-14_zpse91a8ae9.png
10 am :: I am participating in a pregnancy related study and the second part was yesterday. It is pretty interesting. I took the bus down the mountain to get there.
 photo 10am-13_zps17eb0950.png
11 am :: After the study I headed back up the mountain to get my monthly bloodwork done. I arrived at the health center and it was so busy that people were outside the door waiting. I turned around and headed to the mall for awhile to kill time before I went back.
 photo 11am-14_zps1a479c63.png
12 pm :: Before I headed back to get my bloodwork done I decided that I should probably eat something.
 photo 12pm-14_zpsdf96125b.png
1 pm :: Gross, old snow. It snowed a lot last night and is still going this morning so all the gross snow will be covered with fresh stuff. I'm done with snow for the can just stop now.
 photo 1pm-14_zps1533a653.png
2 pm :: I walked back home and then poured myself a nice glass of juice.
 photo 2pm-14_zpsbea021cc.png
3 pm :: I was exhausted from all the walking I did so I had a little lay down. Some kitties joined me because all they do is lay around.
 photo 3pm-13_zps5ee3e701.png
4 pm :: Admiring my candy coloured crochet hooks.
 photo 4pm-14_zpse2f94e7c.png
5 pm :: Blankets on top of blankets.
 photo 5pm-14_zps046b9ded.png
6 pm :: I made a stirfry for dinner and I didn't think that it was something I felt like eating until Ivan suggested making a peanut sauce for it. Good idea Ivan, it was great!
 photo 6pm-11_zps19579216.png
7 pm :: Ivan had band practice so I headed to the couch to watch a movie and almost immediately fell asleep. Yep, that's what happens when you walk around for a few hours. You fall asleep by 8 pm.
 photo 7pm-8_zpsab08f9e4.png

Taking these photos made me realize how much more colourful my life is at home compared to out in the world. I can't wait for spring when there are some flowers to brighten things up outside.

It is really snowing out there today so I am definitely not going anywhere. I have laundry to do and second breakfast to eat so I'm off! Have a good Wednesday.



  1. I'm dying to do a photo-an-hour so I can get more used to taking my camera with me places. Any tips??
    Your photos are always so full of life and interesting. I feel like mine would just be a bunch of driving shots ahah (walking places is not much of an option in Orlando).

    <3 Lauren at in between idols.

    1. Just do it! Don't be nervous about pulling out your camera in front of people. They most likely won't even notice unless you start pointing it at them. If nothing seems particularly interesting try looking for little details that are kind of neat. Sometimes a photo doesn't seem like it will be that interesting but once you go back and look at it later you may change your mind.

  2. I love how much color you have in your home! All of your blankets that show up in your photos are so cute :)


  3. cute project!

    alice c'n'r

  4. Ohmygoodness!! I LOVE those curtains in that last photos!! All your photos are always so beautiful Elycia!! xo

  5. Your curtains are just to die for.
    I love your little pregnancy-related snippits. =)

  6. Oh and how'd you make your peanut sauce?

    1. For once I actually didn't follow a recipe and kind of just made it up. So...I don't really know amounts of things but I can tell you what I used.
      natural peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil, water, a bit of scriacha hot sauce, tiny shake of garlic powder, tamarind paste. I think that's all. I just combined until it tasted good!

  7. It was nice to see the world outside of your home. :) Lovely photos as usual!

  8. love the idea of a photo an hour post. totally random question: pregnancy realated study? are you pregnant?

    somehow, that photo of gross snow actually looks... really good.

    love, x
    blog | twitter

    1. Don't say you missed the good news?!

      Imagine how trendy all it's clothes are gonna be haha.

  9. Really cute pictures, and it sounds like you've had a fun day. My stomach really started growling after seeing the food you made! Hungry for vegetables, haha ~

  10. Your life is defiantly noticeably more colorful at home - always makes for beautiful photos.
    Especially that juice! It's made me crave some haha. Take care <3
    - Danielle

  11. I love the idea of taking a photo an hour like this- I am totally going to have to try it! Maybe this weekend? Hmmm ...
    Have a good weekend! ~Allison~


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