Monday, February 4, 2013

Photos :: 365

28/365 :: I've been playing a lot of piano lately. You'll see this photo (and more of this outfit) coming up later in the week.
29/365 :: When I was in University my friends and I loved going to The Wokery for lunch. We have been meaning to go back for years and on Tuesday my friend, my cousin and I ventured out in the rain to visit The Wokery. And it totally isn't there anymore. What? They should really take down this sign, it got me way too excited.
30/365 :: I just can't resist a yawning kitty.
31/365 :: I started a blanket this week. This one is going to be a gift and I really want to finish it quickly because it is going to look so cool!
32/365 :: I made it all the way to February! And to celebrate I took a photo of a yawning Pinny. I think 2013 is going to be the year of the yawning kitty. I love that you can see the little barbs on her tongue.
33/365 :: I recently lost quite a bit of space in my office so I didn't have room for the set of drawers that held my nail polish. Nail polish rack to the rescue! We put this up on Saturday and I am unreasonably excited about it.
34/365 :: A little early morning Super Nintendo playing before we headed to the basement to work on finishing up the drywall. The Nintendo part was much more fun.



  1. I love that nail polish shelf! Can you buy them online?

    1. Yes! I got mine on Amazon. Here is a link to a bunch of them. I had to get it shipped to the States though as none of them shipped to Canada. Discrimination!!

  2. Ah nintendo! Miss to played! Talking about Nintendo, I'm doing also a blanket with grannys to be a present, with the draw of Mario :) But I'm kinda slow...

    You look so cute playing piano! I have an cousin who also plays piano and it feels so good walk around home, listening to the piano.

    Have a good start of week.


  3. Your kitties made me yawn :D and I love the piano photo :) !

  4. Cute photos, especially the yawning kitties :) And I've been meaning to get myself a nail polish rack! It's so annoying digging though my nail polish bag to find the color I want.


  5. The Yawning Kitties actually made me yawn :D adorable <3

  6. Kitty yawns are one of my favorite things to capture on film!! and I love your outfit in that first photo!! xo

  7. love that photo, dress and cardi!

  8. Lovely photos! I always love the lighting in your photos so much!

  9. Aww the kitties! who can resist that face?!

  10. YAY KITTIES. made me smile. :)
    xo, Kellee from Pirate&Lilac

  11. Your 365 photos are so cheerful! I love the cats and your bright blue wall. Can't wait to see how the blanket comes out. :)

  12. Awww, yawning kitties are the best! <3

  13. The rainbow of nail polish is my faves!

  14. Uhhh! How I love that you put the nail polishes in colour-order. I do that with my books. Its just prettier :-)


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