Monday, March 18, 2013

Photos :: 365

70/365 :: While Ivan, my mom and I were in Lewiston last weekend we went to an outlet mall and I got a great deal on some new shoes. I have been wearing the wrong size Chucks for so many years now so finally having these ones in the right size make me so happy. They are the comfiest.
71/365 :: This photo is from my sick day. My camera was in the kitchen and I was feeling so crummy that I just looked around in there and chose something to snap a shot of. I am pretty impressed that I remembered to take a photo at all.
72/365 :: Just Pinny hanging out and being cute. I love her brown eyes so much.
73/365 :: Farva guarding my yarn. I'm working on a blanket for a friend and I am so slow at it. I need to kick it into high gear.
74/365 :: A little bit of sunlight shining onto my pretty daisy blanket.
75/365 :: Outfit photo shoots with one of my favourite girls.
76/365 :: A little treat we left for the next people to use the photobooth.

We had such a fun weekend with Kaylah and Kevin so I am really sleepy today. sleeping for me! I have photos to edit and posts to prepare so I am going to eat some miso soup and get busy.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. Your cats are so cute!

    I love your daisy blanket. Can you tell me which pattern did you use?


    Sofia G

    1. Hi Sofia,

      I would love to share the pattern with you but I didn't make that blanket. I found it at a thrift store!

  2. Love those Chucks! Pinny is such a pretty cat - look at those foot pads! Little pink beans. :) My cat would be attacking that yarn, not guarding it! And that daisy blanket is so cute, I love it.

    xox Sammi

  3. I love that daisy blanket and your kittens are all so adorable!!! xo

  4. I love the blue cons!! So cute!! Aww your cats are too cute!

    Ergo - Blog

  5. Kitties! I luf them :)

  6. i wish i had thought of that, sunglasses in the photobooth, thats the best pay it forward ever.

  7. Your cats are so cute! And I love the daisy awesome!



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