Tuesday, February 25, 2014

8 Months Old

 photo milo8_zpsb16500e2.png
 photo milocarrot8months_zps6a99faa4.png
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 photo milolaying_zps643ac322.png
 photo milosittingwithcarrot_zps7c050765.png
On February 21st Milo turned 8 months old and once again I am amazed by how quickly the time is flying by. 

Milo is a pro sitter, has mastered his pincer grasp (which is so cute and makes grabbing his favourite food, blueberries, much easier!) and has one tooth with another about to poke through. His hair is also thickening up, that's why he needs to be holding that comb. 

I am pretty positive that Milo is going to walk before he crawls because he has zero interest in attempting to crawl. If you try to put him on his hands and knees he immediately slides to his belly and flaps his arms and legs. He has wiggled his way over to something that he realllllly wants but usually just flaps until you pick him up and help him with his true love: walking. This boy thinks that he should be walking around like an adult already. He can walk himself around holding on to things and always wants help to stand up. He is still wobbly but getting stronger and steadier everyday and I am pretty sure he will be walking in no time.

I think that is everything I wanted to share. I always write these posts and then remember something I meant to mention the next day. I hope you all have a good day!


PS. Just so no one calls the mommy police on me, we don't give Milo whole blueberries. I break them into a star or plus sign shape for him.


  1. Nawwwh such a happy little boy! I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up :)

  2. He looks more like Ivan everyday! Such a handsome boy.

    p.s. Did you get my e-mail?

  3. He looks so much like you! I love this age, when you can really interact with them. Sadly it goes so quickly, cherish every second! It seems like only yesterday my youngest was this age but now she is 6 and in kindergarten. *sigh*

  4. He melts my heart! He's so beautiful! Those eyes! I always wanted to do cloth diapering, but I just never got around to it. I had a lot of nay-saying from my mom about it since she did it with me. Bummer!


  5. Beautiful boy! I love that blanket too. :)

  6. Wow, he has gotten so big! I'm imagining one of these but with Milo as a teenager, and the carrot will only be as long as his arm!

  7. Hi Elycia! Milo looks so cuddly, and he looks a lot like you... you both sort of make the same silly expressions. :)

    So, just wondering, as a fellow Ontarian (yay Canada!) and oldies-lover (yay Beatles!), do you have much luck in your area with oldies radio? We used to have a couple dedicated oldies stations here in the Kingston area, but they've recently changed to new stuff. I do listen to Randy's Vinyl Tap on CBC and he sometimes plays some good old stuff, but I miss my dedicated oldies stations. Any luck in the Hamilton area?

    I love your blog and miss your posts, though I totally understand needing to soak up all the Milo snuggles you can while he's still all pudgy and yummy... I have three under ten who are great, but I do miss my pudgy babies!

    I love your videos! Do you have a record collection? If so, would love to see a video or blog post about it!

    Take care, and enjoy (ha!) all our lovely Ontario snow while it lasts (and lasts and lasts). :) Megan


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