Wednesday, January 6, 2016

365 Project :: January 4 & 5, 2016

January 4, 2016 :: 4/365
 photo 4-january 4 2016_zpsqw10k8tt.jpg
The focus in this photo and the fact that it's crooked drives me totally bonkers but I really wanted to use a photo from the library for today. There were a few people around when I was trying to take photos so I was snapping really quick and none of my photos turned out awesome. That's ok though! On this day we visited the library and an indoor playground. There was a kid at the playground having a really hard time and being super aggressive and Milo got a smack in the face/head from him for no reason. Apparently this kid had already hit another kid and then he ended up coming back and pushing Milo and his friend later before they finally left. I totally understand that kids hit but everything this kid did was totally unprovoked and I felt simultaneously furious and really bad for him. I think I handled it really well but it sucks to see your kid get hit. If nothing else, it gave Milo and I a really good opportunity to talk about what to do if someone hits you.

January 5, 2016 :: 5/365
 photo 5-january 5 2016_zpsnitmeemc.jpg
We go out a lot so I often get dressed (and even do my hair and make-up, although my hair wasn't done this day) so I thought I would snap some outfit photos now and then. I've really missed looking back on what I was wearing and what my hair looked like.



  1. Poor Milo. :( it sounds like you handled it with grace. I would be mortified if my child was being bullied or worse, doing the bullying.
    I love your hair color in the second photo, gives me the itch to experiment again!

    1. Thanks Katie. Being a bully would be way worse for sure!
      Colourful hair is so fun! Do it!

  2. Aw man, sorry Milo had a run in with a crazy kid. Hope he's ok!

    Cute plaid shirt, and I love that pin!!

    1. Thanks Sarah. He's still talking about it so it definitely affected him. We just go over how he felt and what we should say if someone hits him. Also we talk about how something really must have been bothering that kid to make him act that way.
      Thanks! I just rediscovered my Hungry Designs pins and I've been wearing them so much.


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