Monday, January 11, 2016

What I Wore :: Red, Black and White

 photo stripes and plaid_zpshhipq1hz.jpg
 photo red white and black_zpsbgoocjj7.jpg
 photo 5-january 5 2016_zpsnitmeemc.jpg
:: glasses - Warby Parker :: shirt - Old Navy :: brooch - Hungry Designs :: skirt c/o ModCloth :: tights & socks - unknown ::

I choose a really bad time to take these photos because Milo was asking me for something that I had already told him he could have after lunch and he kept standing in front of me. Not ideal for outfit photos but really cute in that second one.

I have finally found a hair dye situation that works really well for me. Months and months ago I did a kind of DIY balayage and it has been so perfect for allowing me to have bright hair without worrying about roots. I was bad at keeping up with my roots before I had a baby and after...forget it! The brownish part that you see is all my natural colour and that is very exciting for me after more than 15 years of full head hair dying. It's been like this for quite a long time now too and I'm not sick of it yet which is mind boggling and amazing.

One thing that I realized is that I didn't take any photos to show my 23 week pregnant belly while I was snapping these. My boobs are extra huge so I can tell I'm pregnant without seeing a belly but next time I want to try to remember to take a proper "I'm pregnant" shot.

We had a not so fun weekend. Ivan and I were both really sick on Friday and had some lingering yuckiness Saturday. I have had so many 24ish bugs this pregnancy that I've lost count. The only good thing about being sick is that you really appreciate feeling better.


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  1. Milo in that second photo is painfully cute! I can't believe how big that boy is already.

    1. I know! I need to show you a really sassy photo we took of him the other day. It's so cute.

  2. Me to my sister: "Look how big Milo is now!"
    My sister: "Isn't he the carrot baby?"

    Haha. Anyway, cool photos and I love your hair!

    1. Hahaha! That's so cute! He still loves to play with his carrot.
      Thank you :)


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