Friday, March 16, 2012

5 fave friday

5. This pretty dress from Collectif
I love the shape so much and the polka dots are completely adorable.

4. These heart shaped sunnies from Tumbleweeds.
Cutest ever.

3. Colourful spring shoes.
The pair right above reminds me of the shoes I got recently. They are so fun!

2. I'm pretty crazy about this dress.
I really love the white dots on the black. Also, this is another one of my favourite dress shapes.

1. This chair.
It is no secret that Ivan and I have a Twin Peaks obsession. I think we need this chair for our black lodge room.

I'm off! I'm crossing my fingers that it is nice out because I could use some fresh air. The thing I love most about the nice weather is going for tons of walks. It is also a good way to explore our new-ish neighbourhood.



  1. I LOVE those heart shaped sunnies so much! I'd buy them straight away if only I didn't have a habit of losing and breaking sunglasses...
    Enjoy the sunshine today!

  2. It's crazy warm today! Enjoy! Twin Peaks is awesome-don't know how I didn't watch it when it was originally aired.

  3. I love the heart shaped sunglasses! I might have to treat myself on student loan day...

  4. Love that dress shape too... very flattering. It is warm here, but still a bit wet out. Hoping to get out for a walk later to get some fresh air (going to carry our pup as he has his surgery yesterday...sweet boy). Happy weekend.

  5. I LOVE that first dress!!! So up my alley. :D Also, that chair is magickal. ;) I want!

  6. That chair is awesome crazy! Do you guys actually have a Black Lodge Room!? have you featured this on here, did I miss it somewhere!? Only recently watched it but Love Twin Peaks!

    Jen x

  7. I'm so in love with those sunnies!!! The chair is adorable too, I definitely need that when I get my own home!
    xo Heather

  8. That chair is so awesome! (and the sunnies too!)


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