Wednesday, July 25, 2012

photo an hour :: hanging with my best friend

While I was visiting Kaylah we did a lot of fun things and of course we had to sneak a photo an hour day in there. This was from my first full day in Ohio and we kept really busy. 

:: 7 am :: 
These dorks were distracting me by being too cute while I was trying to exercise.

:: 8 am ::
Breakfast, coffee, chocolate milk & planning. Kaylah has the best mug selection, it was really fun to choose one to use every day.

:: 9 am ::
Quick stop for some drinks on our way to do some thrifting. That is my silly key chain.

:: 10 am ::
First thrift stop of the day...look out world, we found wigs!

:: 11 am ::
Second stop where we found our awesome matching outfits for the most ridiculous video ever made.

:: 12 pm ::
Quick stop at the craft store to pick up some supplies.

:: 1 pm ::
Recharging with Roma Pizza, salad and Boylan's.

:: 2 pm ::
We got into some silly makeup.

:: 3 pm ::
I love this little set up.

:: 4 pm ::
Beach bum time. Like I said, we kept really busy but we managed to squeeze in a ton of wave jumping at the beach. 

:: 5 pm ::
Kevin met us at the beach when he finished work. The waves were really huge and fun that day so it was hard to leave.

:: 6 pm ::
My overflowing suitcase making a mess of the living room and a cute lounging kitty.

:: 7 pm ::
Kevin made some delicious tacos for dinner. So yummy!

:: 8 pm ::
Some quick evening nail painting.

We finished the night with some sparklers and took some really cool photos that we will share another time. Photo an hour days are some of my favourites because they help me remember the little moments throughout the day that I may have forgotten otherwise. I think it would be so cool to do it for an entire week but I know I could never follow through with that. Or could I? No probably not. But maybe.

Make sure you stop in at The Dainty Squid to see Kaylah's photos from the day. 



  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you two had a blast :)

    Rose Eva

  2. Looks like you two had an amazing time, I always wanted to do a photo a day post but I don't think it would end up anywhere near as exciting as yours do xo

    1. I have done photo an hours on some of my most boring days and it just makes it a little more fun!

  3. What a lovely friendship. You are very lucky ladies.

  4. I love seeing the differences between your and Kaylah's photos in these posts, you guys have such distinctive styles of photography. I just love to see how different people will view and record the same objects a little differently! Oh, people are interesting!
    I look forward to seeing more snippets of your week together :)

    1. Yes, I agree! I love things like that too!

  5. These are so wonderful! I love the kitties peeking out of the window. You two are so cute and I can't wait to see your video and more pictures!


  6. I love all of these photos! You two always have the best days!! xo

  7. These are some of my very favourite posts to read (look at?), it's lovely to appreciate all the little moments that make you smile throughout the day!
    Faye x

  8. It would be interesting in reading about your exercise routine...from someone who really needs to have one. haha

    1. Mine is so random right now! I keep getting bored so I am doing all different things all the time. Email me though if you want more info and I will try to gather my thoughts!

  9. It would make for a really awesome photo book!

  10. Such lovely photos! Your little adventures together always make me smile, it's so obvious you have such a wonderful friendship =)

  11. Adorable post. I should do it myself :)


    1. You should! Photo an hours are really fun.

  12. Looks like a super fun day! And lovely photos as usual :)

  13. Great photos! I particularly like the cats trying to poke their heads out the windows!


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