Tuesday, July 17, 2012

what's in my bag :: laptop


I think I have finally recovered from all of my travelling but I am experiencing major Kaylah withdrawl. We had such a great week and did a ton of fun stuff including make quite possibly the most ridiculous video ever. Editing that baby is on my to-do list for the day. I can't wait to share all the things that Kaylah and I worked on last week! 

Travelling a lot means packing a lot and the one thing that I always bring with me is my laptop. I thought that I would show you what is in my laptop bag just so you know exactly what you will be stealing from me if you see me on my travels and decide to rip me off. 
1. Notebook :: I use this for blog & random ideas, lists, drawings, planning, etc. It is my everything notebook and can get pretty disorganized but I like it. 

2. Planner :: I have already gone on about how much I love my planner. It is still being heavily used and I really rely on it for my blog post schedule.

3. MacBook Pro :: My trusty computer that almost never leaves my side. This little guy is one of my best purchases to date.

4. 7 Year Pen :: Yep, it's my glasses pen again that everyone thinks is a pregnancy test in photos. When I'm travelling this pen gets carted around in my laptop bag.

5. Special Agent Dale Cooper :: Otherwise known as my external harddrive, this baby stores all of my photos and videos. Another great purchase, Dale Cooper keeps my computer from getting too full. 

6. Jet Stream laptop bag :: I thrifted this bag after my super pretty laptop case from Target was not doing a great job. The Target case was ok, it's just that it didn't have a shoulder strap and when I started travelling with my laptop I needed something that I would carry more easily. This one is the perfect size and very sturdy.

Today I am going to try to tackle my inbox. If you are waiting for an email and think I'm ignoring you I promise I'm not. Emails have taken a backseat during my travels and then yesterday I was just too afraid to open my inbox. 


PS. The winner of the Naffles giveaway is...Mel from Smiles from Mel! Congratulations!!


  1. I really want a mac book but I'm scared to make the pc to mac transition x

  2. Ha. This is me NOT writing you.. so your inbox doesn't pile up more. But welcome back, Canada missed you! You really need to start a 'gypsy' blog... where you just travel and share hilarious posts with your pals along the road! ;o) Looking forward to your vid!
    Re: the bag.. where's the pepper spray??!
    needle and nest

  3. Well, I sure did read that a little too quickly and read "editing that baby" as "eating that baby". Had to do a double take. You just didn't seem like the type :P.
    Nice to hear you had such a good time! And now you're back to sweltering Ontario. Enjoy the 43 degree weather today, haha


  4. I love your laptop bag! And your 7 year pen. Mine is pink and has an owl on it.

  5. Hey lovely... I wanted to personally invite you to participate in The Womanifesto Challenge link-up... I really hope you do, because I would particularly love to read yours:)



  6. I'm saving up for a Mac and I can't wait to get one! I am in love with your bag too!

  7. Really adore that laptop bag! I looked everywhere for a bag for my mac, and couldn't find a darn thing (so I made one, but it's just eh) Haha X-) and without an explanation I probably would've called the pen a pregnancy test too!
    xo Heather

  8. You've just reminded me to upload my photos onto my hard-drive so thank you :)

  9. I love your bag! It's similar to what I used to have as a camera bag (before mine broke). I just love the color and the shoulder strap is pretty essential :)

  10. I love your bag :) Mine is sooo beat up. I am due for a new one.

  11. I really love that bag! I can't believe people think your pen is a pregnancy test! Like you'd just casually drop that into your photos!



  12. Special Agent Dale Cooper? Brilliant! Haha.

    It's a different show I know, but my iPad is called Assistant Director Skinner and my iPhone is Special Agent Fox Mulder ;D

    Do you ever get scared you'll form an emotional bond to your hard-drive due to it having such a sexy name?

  13. Ooooh awesome! I think this is the first giveaway I've ever won! What do I do? Can't wait to eat those amazing Naffle treats :)

    1. Normally I would have emailed you already but I'm being a slow poke! Expect an email sooooooon!

  14. love, love your laptop bag!


  15. Nice to hear you had such a good time! And now you're back to sweltering Ontario. I also like the laptop bag and the laptop


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