Monday, January 18, 2016

365 Project :: January 12 - 18, 2016

January 12, 2016 :: 12/365
 photo 12-january 12 2016_zpsjjo9mfzr.jpg
I was so sad to hear about David Bowie's passing. We watched Labyrinth this weekend in memory of the Goblin King.

January 13, 2016 :: 13/365
 photo 13-january 13 2016_zpss5upezu2.jpg
A little monkey eating a banana. Or as he calls it a "bananana".

January 14, 2016 :: 14/365
 photo 14-january 14 2016_zps0uy0bfbp.jpg
I am back to working on this blanket but I have decided that it will absolutely not be a king sized blanket for our bed. I am very happy with it being a cozy couch blanket and I'm hoping to finish it up soon.

January 15, 2016 :: 15/365
 photo 15-january 15 2016_zpsakcrhbxw.jpg
This was a belated Christmas present from Ivan and it was worth the wait!

January 16, 2016 :: 16/365
 photo 16-january 16 2016_zpsescmvgon.jpg
Milo and I were playing with a crochet bunny I made a long time ago when I told him that he could pick a friend for it for me to make. He decided on a turtle and also decided that he needed it "right now". Milo was so sweet about it that I started working on it right away while he entertained himself with some books and helped me stuff when the time came.

January 17, 2016 :: 17/365
 photo 17-january 17 2016_zpscyyzzioz.jpg
There aren't many days where I only take one photo but Sunday was one of them. I decided to quickly snap a photo of the snow through the front window before we went out and...ooops, my neighbour was walking out the door at that moment and I didn't notice until I was editing the photo.

January 18, 2016 :: 18/365
 photo 18-january 18 2016_zpshqizjcix.jpg
I am much better at keeping outside plants happy. These guys were outside in the summer having a great time but are kind of pissed about being in the house. Still, it's nice to have a few plants here and there inside.

I have books to return and a new book to pick up from the library today so that's our plan. It's kind of becoming our Monday routine to head to the library in the morning. Nothing too exciting on the list for today except some possible muffin making.



  1. I think Labyrinth was a necessity this week for everyone. Even though 2016 had a rough start I'm still very optimistic about what the future holds :) Loving the crochet work!

    1. I watch it every once in a while anyways and I totally agree it was a necessity this week.
      I'm optimistic too. :)
      Thank you!!

  2. Clarity is one of my all time favorite albums! What a great gift!

    1. I have a hard time picking favourites of anything but it definitely on my favourites list. It's fantastic!

  3. My house plants start getting angry right around this time of year too. Anytime we have a warmer day I try to put them out to get some sunlight so they'll make it until spring! I have that same exact land camera, I love it! :)

  4. Those two suculents on the front they like sun that's why they are not so happy in the winter. In the spring they will be ok again. Milo it's so cute :D

    1. Yeah, they are definitely reaching for the sun. Our house doesn't have too many good sunny spots for plants. I'm sure they will be happy once it is warm enough to go outside.
      Thank you!

  5. I'm so glad you're blogging again! Kudos to Ivan on the album choice, I think I have to buy that too. I hope you're reading some good books!

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, you should definitely get it. It has a few extra songs on it as well.
      I'm reading great books thanks to you!

  6. That afghan is so pretty! I don't blame you, it's one of the reasons I so enjoy knitting baby sweaters.

  7. Love that Bowie bag, all these pictures are stunning as usual!

  8. Well I was super excited that you started writing again :) I do enjoy waking up to some crochet projects and styling tips haha. But you are probably busy with life now, which both makes me happy and sad at the same time. I wish you the best with all your endeavors whether you decide to write again or not. Hope all is well!


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