Tuesday, May 24, 2011

28 things - things 14, 15, 16 & 17

No it doesn't hurt, I just like making weird faces.

15. Sometimes I am really bad at following through with things. Case in point...these 28 things! I had great plans to do an awesome photo for each one but sometimes things get a little busy. I'm sure everyone can relate to this!

16. As much as I love animals I can't watch movies that are heavily based on animals because I get too upset if they die. Spoiler alert: 'I am Legend' made me sob. Not just during that one part either...but for the whole rest of the movie anytime I thought about it. I'm so wimpy!!

17. I am famously bad at dealing with change. Before when my mom was thinking of moving, everyone in my family that she mentioned it to responded with "Have you told elycia? Is she ok with this?" I feel like over the years I have become better at dealing but I have earned myself quite a reputation!


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  1. Oh I sobbed sohard at I Am Legend, we almost had to turn it off :(

  2. If you have that feeling with 'I am Legend', I sure hope you haven't seen 'Marley and me' yet.

    I think I never cried that hard before during a movie!

  3. haha youve got some stretch armstrong hands!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. I feel the same about animals, I just can't handle anything bad happening to them!

  5. wow!!! that is crazy! and awesome.

    i always fail at following through with stuff like that. hmph! it makes me angry too.

    omg, i am the same way about change. i am so sentimental. & every time my mom even mentions moving out of our child hood home i am like NOOOOOO.


  6. hahaha this is so much fun. when i read this post i also tried to do this with my hand... but it didn´t work... it´s amazing. :D

  7. I'm the same way about animals dying in movies. I heard that the dog dies in 'I Am Legend,' so I've purposefully avoided it!

  8. I can totally relate to thing 15, 16 and 17! Really, it's like you're talking about me!!!

  9. Yes, "I Am Legend" was soooo sad! I've started to think all of Will Smith's movies are sad lately, I cried so hard during "Seven Pounds." I remember reading "Old Yeller" as a child and also crying. A lot.

    Movies and books are supposed to be happy!!!!!!!!!

  10. I can do the same thing with my fingers! Glad I'm not the only one!!!
    ♡ Brooke

  11. You're definitely not along with the I Am Legend thing. I sobbed too... in the middle of a flight. That was a tad embarrassing.

  12. my brother can bend his fingers back like that! only his fingers can touch his arm. my special talent: double-jointed elbows. :)


  13. I was wondering where your 28 things post had gone. Glad it's back. :)

    ♥ sécia

  14. Same way with animal movies. And scary movies are the WORST because 100% of the time an animal dies. Hate hate hate it. I'm a cry baby that way.

  15. this blog is absolutely fabulous...nothing more i can say...i found so many great blogs in one day!!!! lol :))

    You have a new follower...can't wait to read more!! :))



  16. I balled my eyes out in I Am Legend! In the middle of the movie theatre I was sobbing and even Corey was looking at me wierd.

  17. Ahh!! I gasped at your fingers! That's quite scary.

    I don't like the movie I am Legend. I don't like any movies that don't have a happy ending, or where the main character dies or something at the end:
    I am Legend
    Million Dollar Baby

    Pan's Labyrinth is the exception, because it's sad but also sort of happy. And awesome.

  18. Ewww Haha double jointed-ness sorta freaks me out :)

  19. glad to hear i'm not the only wimp ;)

    miss vendella, welcome! thanks for stopping by, you're so sweet :)

  20. I CAN BEND MY FINGERS BACK TOO!!! Not that far though, that is IMPRESSIVE! Jen has no idea how I can do this, so I have to show her your picture, hah.

    Also, I'm also horrible with keeping up with things. Eek!

    Your blog is so awesome! ^_^

  21. I can't watch movies or read books based on animals, either. Even animated movies. I have to skip the part in Dumbo where his mom is rocking baby Dumbo in her trunk after she's locked up. :(

  22. i love love love these bits of what makes you you. So glad you are doing this.. and, looks like it's going to be a trend among my favorite reads too! :) awesome

  23. i cannot deal with animals getting hurt or anything like that in movies. i seriously obsess over it. i also have really bad anxiety when ever it gets cold out or there are natural disasters because i feel like the animals are even more freezing than i am in the winter and i just think about how much the animals suffer when extreme weather occurs. :( waaahhhhh!


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